Freedom: A Precious Commodity Slipping Away

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Americans value freedom but it is slipping away. Why is this?


It really boils down to a couple key reasons that are hand in glove:

1) The Abandonment of Lex Rex (The Law is King) in Exchange for Rex Lex (The King is Law)

2) The Redefinition of Freedom from Freedom to Will in Exchange for Freedom from Will

Let’s break the two down and then understand how they are linked.

Lex Rex is the legal philosophy which implies that no one is above the law, including the king or anyone else he might grant special favors to in exchange for loyalty. Though we do not have an official monarchy, we have evolved into a society with a distinct ruling political class that has exempted itself and its respective allies from the laws applied to the common man.

The free market is being crippled because as Rex Lex, the King is Law, has become the dominant philosophy today, business is far more inclined to cozy up with the ruling tyrannical political class than to compete in the market place. Not only is their fear of the political class amongst business, but wealth is also more easily accumulated this way. Why compete when you can get the political class to ruin your competitive via slander, taxation, and a mountain of regulations–all of which you have paid the political class to exempt you from.

The commercial free market is just one example. This has also spilled over into the freedom of ideas, education, weapons, privacy, and religious freedom.

Therein lies the second part: Freedom.

The very definition of freedom has transformed from the time of the American Revolution. It was once Freedom to Will or that is to say Freedom to make my own way as I desire irrespective of the whims of a dominant political class. That has now devolved and been exchanged for Freedom to Be Willed.

What I mean by that is the deliberate handing over of personal responsibility and the ability to chart one’s own path by giving it over to someone else to Will For me as the ruler sees fit. In exchange for the precious ability to chart one’s own course, one has now surrendered all of that for what the king has promised to give me: social programs, censorship of my enemy’s ideas, censorship of my religious foes, absolute protection, special tax favors, the education of my children, the punishment of those who disagree with me, etc.

All appears well in Paradise until who the King is and what he wants changes. After Freedom To Will has been surrendered or just handed over, it is extremely difficult to reclaim. It’s like giving a child candy. Once it is in their hands, the child will fight you if you try to take it back.

Does this sound familiar? It should.

Ancient Israel rejected limited self government under the grace and mercy of The Perfect Lawgiver and gave all of that over to a mere sinful fallen man. All of the prophetic utterances by Samuel from The LORD came to pass as the kings grasped power and subjugated the people.

Where will we go?

Thankfully, all of our Freedom To Will has not been eroded, and some states have more than others. After much political fighting, Georgia is one of the least Homeschooling restrictive states, which is one reason we still reside here. (In the metro area, Cherokee County is generally more conducive to Homesteading by the way). I encourage everyone to take advantage of this to train your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Let us exhaust all means of grace to cultivate a Biblical worldview in our children as they then go out as adults to exercise good stewardship of their time and resources while also preserving freedom for them and their children.

What will you do with your freedom?


Anderson Girls Decor

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IMG_5391The girls are still blowing the doors down with all of their colorful, creative, and especially useful custom made hand woven decor. It is so exciting to see how well they have done. May the Lord continue to bless and build their diligence, discipline, and skills.

Saturday, September 23rd, is our last scheduled market for the year, but you can continue to purchase the girls’ decor for yourself or for upcoming Birthday & Christmas gifts.

Here is an updated project and price list with respective links to help you choose colors and patterns.

Business Name: Anderson Girls Decor

Project list and prices:

-Large $5; Medium $3

Coaster $1

Placemat or Centerpiece $10

Throw Pillow $25

Belt $3

Quilt $5/square
-a square is the size of a large potholder

To pick a color, click on this Craftsy link. https://www.craftsy.com/knitting/supplies/bernat-blanket-and-blanket-brights-yarn-300g/46370

It will give color and number of the color. Shipping charges will be incurred if yarn mush be ordered from here.

You can also click on this Michael’s link for color selection. https://www.michaels.com/bernat-blanket-yarn/M10346027.html?dwvar_M10346027_color=Mallard%20Wood

A store is located near us, so no shipping fees bringing in the yarn will apply if you pick one of their available colors, though their selection is less.

At the moment, please allow two-three weeks for orders. This gives them time to receive yarn from the shipper, make the project, and then mail it out to you if out of the local area.

A small shipping charge applies for orders sent via mail. Yarn is light, so that helps to keep costs down on shipping.

If you’d like to make an order, please contact us via text at 770-842-9999 or by email at ajeramy@hotmail.com.

Text is better to prevent things getting blocked or going to junk.

Blessings to you!

Great Jasper Market Day!

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After several months at the farmer’s market, we had our best baked goods sales this past Saturday at the Jasper, GA Farmer’s Market! Praise the Lord!

We sold 13 loaves of pumpkin bread, 5 1/2 loaves of braided honey wheat bread, 14 bags of delicious pecan granola, 3 pints of grits, 3 pints of cornmeal, and the vegetables were promotional items for the bread loaves (free veggie of your choice with a purchase of a bread loaf).

We fresh grind all of the organic wheat and organic corn, and we use organic rolled oats and honey for the pecan granola.

The three young ladies sold five more beautiful hand woven trivets/potholders and a coaster. In total since the beginning of April, along with purchases away from the market, the ladies have sold about 100-125 potholders, 40-60 coasters, and coming up on 8-10 large placemats!

Here is a brief price list for anyone interested:

-Bread loaf $5 & Slices $1
-Organic Grits & Cornmeal $3/pint or $5/quart (pint is about 9-10 oz, and quart about 17-18oz)
-Pecan Granola $5 for 2 1/2 cups

-Trivets/Potholders $5, $3, and $1
-Handwoven Placemats $10, 2 for $19, or 4 for $35
-Belts $3

Anything marked $5 is 2 for $9.

We are now there every other Saturday.

Please share us on Facebook. We take orders or hope to see you at the Market Soon!

Floor Space Optimization & The Family Budget

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We often unnecessarily spend too much on a home because we fail to optimize floor space. This in turn makes Homeschooling difficult to transition into because of a high budget which leads to the need for more income. Either one parent spends more time away from home or both parents work outside the home and thus end up sending their children back to public school or never take them out to begin with.

A streamlined budget is the answer to a lot of these problems. Bunk beds or trundle beds are a great start in optimizing space which in turn reduces the size of home you need to support your family. When able, whether shelving or bedding, build up to bring your costs down.


Farmer’s Market Sucess! Pumpkin Bread & Potholders

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Over the past three Saturdays, we have had great success at the Jasper Farmer’s Market located in beautiful Jasper, GA just off of Hwy 5, which is just after I575 ends. It operates from 7:30 until Noon each Saturday morning until October.

We focused on our delicious pumpkin bread by the loaf and the slice. Over the past three weeks we have sold out of pumpkin bread or cone very close to that, about 45 loaves total. Moriah has dine especially well with her potholders. She sold 9 the first Saturday, even 6 more the second when it was quite chilly much of the morning, and selling out of 12 this past Saturday! We hope to be introducing some additional new items in the coming weeks.

Hope to see you there!

Might God’s Word Consume And Be Hid In Your Heart That You May Not Sin Against Him Psalm 119:11

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In seasons of mental rest and the abundance of time are present, by all means be wise, read your Bible, memorize it, and sit at the feet of saints past and present to glean wisdom from them as God has given grace to the beloved in Christ.

In seasons of mental rest yet when time is precious, by all means be wise and use it to read your Bible and memorize it.

In seasons where your mind is tired from work that vanquishes your capacity for mental alertness by such travail, by all means be wise and listen to the Bible letting it sink deep into your soul.

In seasons where your mind and body is of little capacity through exhaustion, injury, persecution, or illness, beseech Him for rest and pray through what you have memorized with what little energy you have left. It is in those moments for which you will be thankful that, by grace, you previously took the time when you had the vigor to hide His Word in your heart that you might not sin against Him.

Problem of Little or Useless Knowledge: Prioritizing Literacy & Mathematics

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In a day where students have little knowledge and therefore a lack of skill or useless knowledge and therefore a lack of skill, we need to prioritize curriculum within our homes that builds a solid foundation for developing skill sets. There are two areas which are the foundation for this: literacy and mathematics. Every useful skill pretty much comes out of these two fundamentals.

First and foremost, literacy is the foundation for understanding the Bible and its roadmap for life. Furthermore, the ability to digest written material gives one the ability to absorb information and categorize it accordingly, which includes tables, charts, diagrams, sketches, manuals, research, and linguistics. Devaluing or marginalizing literacy is very likely to diminish your child’s ability to compete in the market place where the ability to sift through information is essential, and it will decrease his or her ability to become immersed in God’s Word and historic Christian literature.

Mathematics is just as important, and the two intersect at many points. They ought to be seen as complimentary, for both mathematics and literacy feed on each other as knowledge and skill progress, whether basic grocery shopping or advanced accounting and engineering. It also goes without saying that math is the bedrock of financial stewardship. Developing even the most menial skill can bring forth great dividends if what money comes in is managed well so as to prevent unnecessary hemorrhaging on the way out. The family budget is more than just balancing the bank account; it is the complete streamlined allocation of time and hard assets in both the short and long term.

As stated before, mathematics and literacy are marriage partners. The stronger they are the mightier their effect on developing, cultivating, and maintaining useful skill sets becomes. The weaker they are the more turbulent the waters of life toss us about from paycheck to paycheck.

Therefore, I recommend that we scale back any secondary studies until a good foundation of literacy and mathematics are established. This may cost some perceived progress in the short term, but it’s long term gains will outweigh much needed work in the trenches of letters and numbers. There are numerous great primary and supplemental recourses available today to help you in your journey. We personally use the following as┬áthe foundation of our children’s studies because they have a deep emphasis in logic and critical thinking. Moreover, they are inexpensive in both the short and the long term as they are passed down from child to child. The book purchase links are suggestions; you may find better prices elsewhere.
McGuffey’s Reader (original 1836 version) http://www.alphaphonics.com/guffy.htm
Harvey’s Grammar, https://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/0880620412/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1485873839&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=harveys+grammar&dpPl=1&dpID=51mOV6nq3RL&ref=plSrch

Spencerian Penmanship and workbook, https://www.amazon.com/Spencerian-Penmanship-Theory-Rogers-Spencer/dp/088062082X

Ray’s Arithmetic http://www.amazon.com/Rays-Arithmetic-Set-Joseph-Ray/dp/0880620501

Blessings to you as you work hard at preparing your child to not only survive but thrive in this life full of challenges, hardships, and opportunities of tremendous success.

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