A flood of immigrants came into the United States during the 19th century, and they arrived for a multitude of reasons. Most of them probably left their native lands in search of a better life. They were looking for opportunity, and we gave it to them, but we offer something far different today: government slavery.
Instead of encouraging a streamlined immigration process that rewards diligent labor, we have opted for handouts. These handouts do not encourage self-sufficiency; rather, they only encourage enslaved dependency, and that is by design.

The left in this country has hoodwinked today’s immigrants into thinking that they are the ones who really care about them. They don’t; they just want to increase a dependent voting block for another generation. They are not concerned about upward mobility. On the contrary, they want enslavement.

It’s ironic because my wife’s ancestors came over as slaves, but their descendants eventually enjoyed freedom, and some became very successful, especially her grandfather. John Jackson became an incredible musician and travelled the world. He was good with his money and took care of his family.
Today, immigrants come over freely but are then enslaved by liberalism when they get here. Africans knew they were slaves, but immigrants today don’t even know that they are selling themselves as slaves to liberalism.

It’s a great evil to tell a man he is free when it is only an illusion. Let us confront this great evil, and push back against this radical Marxist philosophy that is eating away at America like a great cancer.

I welcome any man who is not a criminal and comes to increase his lot. Therefore, let us reduce unnecessary immigration bureaucracy and replace it with a pathway to citizenship that develops loyalty to America’s founding principles and obliterates welfare programs for new immigrants that only uses them and enslaves them.

We must aspire to be a land of opportunity where even the poorest of people can thrive in freedom and not be enticed into government slavery that destroys the individual, the family, the Church, and society at large.

If you arrive and are hungry with no where to stay, then the Church will feed you and give you shelter. We will encourage you and assist you as you work your way out of poverty, but we will do what the government doesn’t do: hold you accountable with that grace, lest it be taken for granted and you end up enslaved. That, the left cannot tolerate, which is why liberals hate orthodox Christianity.

Christ sets men free, but Marx only subjugates them. Be free O man! Repent, and enjoy fellowship in Christ, for it is then that you will know true liberty: liberty to worship God.