Heritage and tradition are good things until …. they clash with God’s Revelation. If we are to march the gospel forward in these latter days, then we must see ourselves as Christians first. The Kingdom of God must be out highest priority. Do not forget that we are just aliens passing through. Our home is in Heaven.

How then does this mindset affect our daily living?

1. We will joyfully and eagerly send missionaries all over the world. Because we recognize that Christ came to redeem men from all tribes, nations, and tongues, then we have no hesitation in reaching the uttermost.  After all, as Western Gentiles, we were part of the uttermost until the gospel came to our ancestral lands.

2. We won’t have an arrogant paternal attitude to fellow brethren of different ethnicities. After the fall of Rome and up until the Reformation, the gospel was relatively contained to the European theater or at least neighboring regions. Because of this, it is easy for those of us with European descent to consider ourselves more mature Christians. However, heritage does not make us more mature, but it has given us a great foundation from which to draw from, especially the old writings. With that being said, many countries that were in the dark for millenia are now some of the most Biblical. It is they who have begun to convict and admonish the West instead of the other way around.

3. We will not eliminate potential godly spouses for ourselves or our children simply based on outward appearance. An excellent wife is hard to find, says the writer of Proverbs 31.  That hasn’t changed much in 3,000 years, so let us not narrow the pool of available godly men and women for our children.  Though differing cultures can add strain to a marriage and must be worked through to make a marriage successful, to simply bypass godly women for our sons and vice verse because of ethnic origin is foolish. After all, two of the greatest heroes in the Bible married outside of their ethnicity: Moses and Joseph. When Miriam (the sister of Moses) acted disrespectfully towards the wife of Moses (a much darker woman apparently), she was chastised severely by the Lord. Be ye warned.

4. We will not succumb to deep despondency should our culture totally implode. Europe has already apostatized (so much so that it is about to become dominated by Islam), and America is next unless something changes….quickly.  Nonetheless, the gospel marches on in the same way it did when the Middle East and North Africa fell apart at the seams. It is the Kingdom of Heaven that will never implode, and we shall always take great joy and comfort in that. It is sad when our culture abandons the Lord, but, I am just as joyous to be around Christians from any stripe because I will be with them for eternity. If the only group of Christians lived in some remote desert, I would not hesitate to be right there amongst them singing praises to the Lord.

5. We will never lose hope in the eternal rest that awaits us because we know that God is working through all tribes, nations, and tongues to bring His will to pass. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives us eternal life, and the Lord of hosts is bringing His will about each and every day.  Though times are tough, His joy and peace will never flee from us. Take cheer, beloved ones, and know that He is God. He controls all the nations, and He is actively using each of them to accomplish His purposes, so let us not be somber when other nations speak a louder and bolder voice for the gospel. Rather, may we rejoice in God’s work through them.

Every era of Church history has had its successes and short comings. Our generation is slowly breaking away from the paternal and even Church sanctioned prejudicial attitude that exist amongst our forefathers–though some were quite the opposite, and I rejoice in that.. We can thank God for that. At the same time, we must draw from their wisdom in other areas where they stood fast for orthodoxy …. in places where we haven’t. I rejoice in their hard work and desire to learn from their transgressions, though it is God alone that I glorify. For those ancestors that loved the Lord, let us honor them as we seek to re-dig the old wells and rebuild the walls that secular humanism has sought to destroy.

May His Kingdom come!