When there’s a purchase that has to be made, one of the greatest local places to do it is the thrift store!  You can usually find what you’re looking for if you’re willing to search for it and wait patiently to find it.  Goodwill and The Salvation Army are probably the most popular, nationwide thrift stores.  In the metro Atlanta area there is also St. Vincent de Paul and Park Ave Thrift.  If you have a keen eye, you will find thrift stores that are privately owned by individuals, churches and other charitable groups.  Just keep your eyes open.

On Lawrenceville Hwy 29, there is the Park Ave Outlet.  This is the first place to shop for clothing, shoes, and purses.  They also have bed linens, blankets, and drapes.  This thrift store has set daily prices that can’t be beat except maybe by bargaining at a yard sale.  On Thursdays, every item is $1.75!  Any pair of shoes, a dress, a pair of men’s khakis, or a sleeping bag, is only $1.75!  Each day, the price drops by a quarter.  So on Fridays, every item is $1.50.  On Saturdays, every item is $1.25 and so on until Wednesday, when everything is only $0.25!  However, you can imagine the crowd that may gather during the lunch hour on weekdays.

The quality of the clothing is the same as what you would find at a garage sale.  Some clothing makers build their products for quality and others don’t.  You should look carefully over the items of interest before you purchase and always wash before wear.  Many pieces are like new and still have the original store tags attached.  Some items may have a slight defect: like a broken zipper, a ripped seam, or a missing button.  These minor defects can be fixed quickly and cheaply if you have a few sewing skills and the basic necessities at home.

Shopping at the thrift store saves us a ton of money especially on children’s clothing.  I cannot, with a clear conscience, buy a $20 dress for any one of my children when I know that in 6 months, she won’t fit into it anymore.  Sure, I can hand it down, but I could have spent less than 1/5 that amount buying the SAME DRESS or one similar at the thrift store.  I can still hand it down and make the dollar stretch even farther.  Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Chico’s, Ann Taylor, NY & Co, Faded Glory, Old Navy, etc. are all there.  Give it a try: you never know what you might find.