About Us

Jeramy Anderson, the son of Jane and Dennis Anderson and brother to Stephen Anderson grew up on a family farm where he learned discipline, the meaning of hard work, and respect for others. He first met his lovely wife, Meggan, in Louisville, KY, and wooed her into marriage a short time later. He has a passion for evangelism and local missions in the Metro Atlanta Area whereby he and his wife continue to immerse themselves in the Latino culture and Spanish language. Jeramy holds a M.Div. in Biblical & Theological Studies from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, a B.S. in Political Science with a Spanish Minor from The United States Air Force Academy, and took numerous courses in creation science from The Institute for Creation Research. He offers seminars on Homeschooling, Creation Science, Budgeting, Worldview, Apologetics, & Theology.

Meggan Anderson, the only child of Lee and Wanda Jackson of Northern Virginia, descended from two lines of musicians: string players, with the chief being John Jackson: Piedmont Blues Guitarist, and church vocalists. She began playing violin at ten years of age, refining her skills with the instruction of private teachers. Meggan received her Bachelors degree in Music from George Mason University and her Masters in Music degree from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. Months before graduating from Southern, she met her husband Jeramy Anderson and married the following year. Since that time, Meggan has concentrated her efforts in the noble and difficult, God-ordained purpose of being a wife and mother. She supports her husband and educates their children Moriah, Lily, Shiphrah, Joseph, Daniel, and Tabitha at home.

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