Over the last quarter century the size of the Christian Intellectual Army has grown tremendously due in large part to a host of theologians, pastors, apologists, historians, linguists, and philosophers like Al Mohler Jr., Tom Nettles, Greg Bahnsen, Cornelius Van Til, D James Kennedy, John MacArthur Jr., Francis Schaffer, Russell Fuller, Peter Gentry, Mark Coppenger, RC Sproul, Wayne Grudem, Gary DeMar, John Rushdoony, and so many others. These men, by God’s grace, have cemented the groundwork some time ago. The debt to these men to the glory of God is incalculable.

This has raised an army which has been transformed by the renewing of the mind, and one which seeks to apply this to daily life. Much of this army works in everyday professions that are able to press an enemy that has retreated to fallacy rich argumentation because they have not been exposed to and/or taken the time to study the fundamental dilemmas that have faced both Biblical and secular philosophers/theologians for millennia.

We bring the fight to the enemy leaving him naked and bare calling him to repent and leave his sedative idols covered in fig leaves. We question the secular fundamentals that get passed over like “ought” and “should”. When a nonbeliever uses such words, he often has no idea as to the depth of the issue that encapsulates such terms. We expose their ever reaching into the “realm of the absurd”, a phrase with rich philosophic meaning. They often then reduce us to being “irrational” when we use such phrases as they parrot the latest philosophical fad thinking they are wise. All the while, they have no idea what “irrational” actually means in its historical context nor do they realize that such worldview weaknesses were often coined by secular men of whom they implicitly and deceitfully worship, men like Hume, Kant, Hegel, Nietzsche, Derrida and others.

Through censorship and intellectual bankruptcy, they will lose this long term war. Even very knowledgeable liberal legal scholars like Alan Dershowitz are censored by them in their own universities. They are now left with raw emotion and the inability to think critically. This is a war we will win because the truth perseveres as falsehood implodes under its own weight of madness.

Victory may not manifest itself with a great immediate change in society, but it will result in a greater passion for holy living and the building of the Kingdom of God in the hearts and minds of a growing faithful Church where children are raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord. Instead of being given to parroting cheesy wannabe philosophers at best, these children, Lord willing, will grow into the next generation of great thinkers. Their possession of a transformed heart will be a testimony to the perseverance of the gospel in contradistinction to the culture of death that will leave little or no offspring as it imbibes in abortion, infanticide, and a host of other naturally self destructive philosophies. Rome will die as the Church grows. This truth they hate just as Rome hated.

Soli Deo Gloria