Floor Space Optimization & The Family Budget

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We often unnecessarily spend too much on a home because we fail to optimize floor space. This in turn makes Homeschooling difficult to transition into because of a high budget which leads to the need for more income. Either one parent spends more time away from home or both parents work outside the home and thus end up sending their children back to public school or never take them out to begin with.

A streamlined budget is the answer to a lot of these problems. Bunk beds or trundle beds are a great start in optimizing space which in turn reduces the size of home you need to support your family. When able, whether shelving or bedding, build up to bring your costs down.


Farmer’s Market Sucess! Pumpkin Bread & Potholders

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Over the past three Saturdays, we have had great success at the Jasper Farmer’s Market located in beautiful Jasper, GA just off of Hwy 5, which is just after I575 ends. It operates from 7:30 until Noon each Saturday morning until October.

We focused on our delicious pumpkin bread by the loaf and the slice. Over the past three weeks we have sold out of pumpkin bread or cone very close to that, about 45 loaves total. Moriah has dine especially well with her potholders. She sold 9 the first Saturday, even 6 more the second when it was quite chilly much of the morning, and selling out of 12 this past Saturday! We hope to be introducing some additional new items in the coming weeks.

Hope to see you there!