Ladies Brunch @ FBC Lawrenceville

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Saturday, November 14th at First Baptist Lawrenceville, the Women’s Ministry hosted a Holiday Brunch.  I (Meggan) was asked to play Christmas music in the background during the meal, then two pieces, “How Great Thou Art” and “Sweet Little Jesus Boy,” following the main speaker, Meg Crowder.  The purpose of hosting a Christmas Brunch before Advent was to help focus the hearts of these ladies on Christ and His service before the busy-ness and anxiety of the Season after Thanksgiving.  It was a blessed time of fellowship.

After playing “Sweet Little Jesus Boy” the crowd of about 100 ladies honored me with a standing ovation.  To which I was surprised.  It was a very humbling moment for me.  Giving the glory to God, I am reminded that He is the one who works in me to do according to His will.  And His Spirit speaks to many, reminding them of His promises, while I play.  I am not, nor have I ever been the best at this wooden box.  There are so many violinists who are more skilled than I am.  But I am humbled to see Him use me in any way that brings Him glory.  I play in service to Christ and His Church.

When the program concluded, there was a long line of women ready to purchase my album, “Hymns on Violin,” for $5 each.  I brought one box of 50, not expecting I would sell that many, but I ended up selling out!  They emptied that box of 50 and I had 4 additional CDs in a separate bag, which disappeared as well!  It was a very encouraging day.  Not only did I sell a lot, but I also received many words of appreciation and hugs as well.  I was blessed to be there.  Praise the Lord!

Sunset Colors Behind the Mountain

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Some nice pics at sunset.IMG_1185editIMG_1188editIMG_1183edit

God’s Beautiful Creation: Fall in the Mountains 2015

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Photography Tip: Timing

Timing is a very important element of good quality photography, whether it’s a beautiful sunrise or when your child does something amusing. Here are some nice fall photos taken from the area in which we live, though not all from our mountain homestead. Both Meggan and I captured these photos. She’s still in training 🙂


IMG_0924 IMG_0929 IMG_0936 IMG_0932edit IMG_0949edit IMG_0950edit IMG_0962 IMG_0969 IMG_0976 IMG_0980 IMG_0987 IMG_0994 IMG_0997 IMG_1003 IMG_1008edit IMG_1011 IMG_1012 IMG_1015 IMG_1021 IMG_1024 IMG_1029 IMG_1029edit hawk IMG_1037 IMG_1052edit IMG_1057 IMG_1058 IMG_1059 IMG_1066edit IMG_1067 IMG_1069edit IMG_1071 IMG_1042