The Lord put on a spectacular stellar display this morning with this sunrise!

They were taken in front of the large water fountain at Lillian Webb Park located in Norcross, GA on 10-8-2015. I captured several of these before sunrise around dawn and several right at sunrise. What is especially amazing was the stellar line up from the Moon down to Jupiter. The Moon is at the top, a bright Venus just below, the star Regulus to the left of Venus, a dimmer Mars down from Regulus, and then a brighter Jupiter below Mars. It was a blessing to capture this. The atmosphere was not hazy, humidity was not super high, and the sky was relatively clear. I have also attached an image from earth and sky depicting the stellar alignment this morning.





IMG_1603 IMG_1600

IMG_1429 IMG_1429edit IMG_1464editIMG_1429edit2


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