Fall colors are coming and holiday photos are approaching!

Being able to take Quality Photography is an incredible skill to develop whether for professional, educational, or personal use. This in-depth and hands on training can be used for 1) business marketing (real estate, car sales, remodeling, the food industry, clothing apparel, presentations, etc), 2) scenic landscapes (sunrise, sunset, mountains, lakes, wildlife, etc.) 3) astrophotography (moon, planets, stars, etc.), 4) macrophotography (intricate detail of flowers, plants, insects, etc), 5) education (presentations, dissection and labeling, etc.), and of course 6) those memorable home and vacation photos.


As a Crime Scene Investigator, I have run the gamut of photography having expertly taken tens of thousands of photos across a broad swath of scenes involving a wide range of colors, shapes, sizes, lighting, and those especially difficult situations that contain highly reflective material like windows and mirrors.


If you want to save on subcontracting photography costs or want to improve your skills for educational and personal use, I can teach you the fundamentals of camera use, whether for simple cameras or the more complex ones. With some jam-packed training and practice, you can get far more out of your camera than you ever thought you could without spending thousands of dollars. Build up a bank of photos as opposed to having to pay for and deal with copyright issues.


For this reason, I have decided to make myself available for photography instruction. I guarantee that you will see a dramatic increase in your photography skills if you follow some of the basic principles and techniques that I bring to the table. I am a big advocate of apprenticeship on many fronts, and photography is no exception. I have personally had the benefit of training with some expert photographers, and I’d love to pass my experience on to you and others you may know who could benefit from this training.

Current rates are as follows:

$15/hour with individuals
$10/hour per person with groups of two or more,
$25/hr per family–Best Value

Rates are based on a one hour session.

Topics covered include but are not limited to basic point and shoot camera use, DSLR cameras, portraits, presentations, scenic photography, macrophotography, and astrophotography.

Whether for one session or several, you can start seeing dramatic results and potentially save a significant amount of money without sacrificing a lot of time in promoting your business and/or educational project.

With my current schedule, I am currently available Saturdays from 9am-1pm and 7-9pm for sunset and astrophotography (weather permitting and subject to change with the change of sunset times). Special dates and times may be made available upon request. Sessions will begin Saturday October 3rd. Schedule three days ahead of time for a session. A courtesy notice 24 hours of ahead of time for cancellation will be greatly appreciated.

When at our home, light refreshments will be provided.

Our mountain homestead offers some great mountain photography as well as clear astrophotography views with awesome moon rises from our back porch. If you choose to meet offsite for more than 15 miles from our home, round trip transportation fees may apply.

Contact:; 770-842-9999

I look forward to meeting with you and your family soon!