Homeschool: The Default

Many times people see the public education system as the default. However, the greater risk is to send your beloved child to the government school system instead of homeschooling them yourself. Western society has been so brainwashed to think that a statist form of education is best and that homeschooling is the risk. This is all too often reinforced through popular media, government education itself, and, sadly, even the Church.

However, in spite of all of the propaganda especially over the last hundred 100 years in United States or even more so all the way back to the early 1800s beginning with the push of various utopian society, Homeschooling hasn’t died out but has actually now begun to thrive once again. We know that the Homeschooling has become normalized once again because of the reactions we encounter by both Christians and non-Christians. For example, the many Christians that I have run into over the last several years from different denominations are quite positive about Homeschool. When they come to an impasse, the obstacle to Homeschool doesn’t seem to be as much traditional or even religious per se as it tends to be one of financial stewardship, which is a positive start because this means that many Christian parents want to Homeschool and are actively looking for a way to do it but just still working to overcome debt and lifestyle choices. That in and of itself is an amazing shift, and we should not be surprised when we see such an annual percentage increase. On the other side, many who are at non-Christians, when it comes up, have grown supportive as well. They have a particular set of values and traditions that they hold on to, and they acknowledge that these values are held in contradistinction to their held own held values. At this point, they are encouraged that we Homeschool and that we take the time to measure out our finances so that we can Homeschool. It is very encouraging to see that even those who are non-Christian have received a tremendous amount of common grace to see that their children ought not be wards of the state.

Another significant observation that I’ve seen is that those who Homeschool for religious reasons will stick to it. The reason why is because they see Homeschool as the default and everything else as a risk to family loyalty and ultimately the Christian faith. Those who primarily do it because if academic reasons may give up once phases of burn out set in, yet those who Homeschool for religious reasons will continue to do so because the risk of sending their children to government school or even some other alternative is unfathomable, and that is especially the case with us. The risk is too great and consequences too dire.

With all of that being said, it is very important for us to then encourage Christians who are thinking about Homeschool to continue to encourage them to lay out the Biblical foundation for it, of which the Scripture is replete with examples of, especially Deuteronomy 6. Whenever we encounter those Christians who might oppose us, let us reason with them through the Scriptures with grace. May we continue to lay out for them why we do such things. As for those who are specifically not Christians, we must continue to bring the gospel to them first because Homeschool does not save anyone. It is the gospel alone that saves, and once that worldview takes root in the heart, Homeschool starts to make sense. Truth be known, they will probably be the easiest to convince about Homeschool because the consequences of an unsaved life are the most fresh in their hearts and minds.

May God continue to bless our efforts to raise our children according to His knowledge and goodness.