The perverse agenda that is ever plastered before us cannot reign supreme, for it is a thorn in its own eye. Sodomy has plagued humanity for millennia, yet it always self-destructs. By nature, it must do so because sodomites cannot bear children. Not only do they tend to succumb to more otherwise preventable diseases and at younger ages, but their worldview dies with them. Such is the case with liberalism as well, but this is especially obvious with sodomites.

It is true that they do steal children through adoption, but, in line with their liberalism, they don’t tend to adopt a multitude of children. Moreover, the children they do adopt are indoctrinated into intense an anti -Biblical worldview that generally opposes population growth and even supports population decrease. It’s a package more or less. If you practice one thing, you are more likely to believe and practice a whole slew of things.

A good comparison would be that of a Homeschool family. Not all are Christian, but many of them are believers. It only makes sense, for the very reason parents Homeschool is because they do not want their children to be engulfed by a false worldview. Furthermore, as they align themselves with Scripture, they rejoice in children, desire to be good stewards by saving instead of wasting for the moment, eat meals together, worship together, see the Lord as the source of salvation as opposed to the government, and have a high demand for literacy in order to be able to read, comprehend, and studiously apply the Bible.

On the other hand, sodomites and those who heavily sympathize with them are much more likely to cling to government for salvation, die alone with little or no family, appease terrible enemies in the Halls of Islam, live well beyond their means in an effort to eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die, and absolutely hate The Living God that demands their repentance and submission.

As Christians, we are immediately repelled by the ever-growing sodomite agenda, for the Spirit within us cries out against such a great ungodliness. However, only by the grace of God are we not mired into such headlong destruction. Even so, judgment builds for the abominable.

Because we know that God always vindicates Himself and that He gives His glory to no other, we can rest assured that the Kingdom of Heaven will prevail. Should I live to see the next fifty years this side of heaven, I wonder what the landscape of the West will look like. Though sodomy is not soon to depart, save the Lord’s return, it will most likely and predictably find itself heavily outnumbered again and again. All the more so, as Christian families have more children and cultivate a Biblical worldview at home, a great revival may soon be approaching.

May we thrive by His grace, and may He vanquish His enemies as He builds His Everlasting Kingdom.