12 Years A Slave' Trailer: Chiwetel Ejiofor Leads All-Star Cast In ...

After watching “Twelve Years A Slave”, one cannot help but react with vitriol to the man-stealing (the Biblical phrase used to condemn a particular type of servitude) that plagued the main character’s life and hundreds of millions of others for millennia. No society is without blemish in the realm of man-stealing, and it is an industry that thrives just as much then as it does today. It’s most prominent manifestation at the present time comes in the form of human trafficking, whether in sweatshops or for prostitution/pornography in the realm of sexual trafficking, especially of minors.

The political and media classes say very little of these present day horrors, yet they are very real. Many in these classes are silent because they take part in these arbitrary fictions. Whether stolen from a village in Thailand or right out of the American suburbs, man-stealing is an abomination.

Like other “social” issues (an arbitrary term that denies the moral relevance in every issue, including the economy), it is messy, so politicians stay away from it so as not to appear “extreme” or “radical”.  Truth be known, politicians are a reflection of our decadent society that is filled with so much trash that human trafficking is just “another issue” among many. After all, we wouldn’t want to become “single issue” voters would we?

For this reason, we must preach from the pulpit how evil such things are and refuse to blow past them. There is legitimate debate within orthodoxy about how to deal with a range of injustices, yet silence is not one of those. Moreover, if the laws change against Homeschool (a fundamental Biblical right used to combat the above plagues), what will you do when DFACS shows up to steal your children in the name of the religion of the state? Better think about it because it will be coming if we are silent.

Biblically, The Triune God  is the only answer to these grievous sins, for He alone is just and the Justifier. A society that rebels against His Holiness is doomed to chaos and the utmost of depravities like man-stealing.  Let us therefore continue to exalt the Lord of Glory on this Resurrection Day and delight to see His Name lifted up above all other names.