For many of us this is our story. A story of rebuilding.

Many of our great grandfathers built a great house, but it was built upon the sands of an external form of godliness.

Their offspring, our grandfathers who fought and won a great war as heroes of old, could pass on little more than a vague shadow of morality themselves, which was quickly cast into the abyss of deep darkness by their sons.

In this, our father’s generation, had so few children, and they hurled themselves towards a great rebellion and apostasy that even their fathers had not known.

In selfishness, they aborted their children, and to those whom they had, they gave their sons to other sons and their daughters to other daughters.

Others simply turned a blind eye as they watched their sons sire children only to leave them to unwed mothers who grew in their dependency upon the state and mock The True and Living God.

Today, like their fathers, these sons have indulged in the trifles of this world, and, with their fathers, they have plunged a whole people into a terrible wickedness filled with all kinds of horror.

All seems lost, for the wisdom that came out of Jerusalem has been despised, lost, and forgotten.

In its place, Athens prevails upon the hearts of men and they lust after the many evils found in this fallen world which is filled with sin and violence.

Yea, but not all have forgotten, for a remnant rising, and they have beheld The One Who reigns on High.

They rule with Him in the heavenlies as they fight the good fight of faith no matter the loss, scorn, and ridicule.

Out of the ashes and nearly hidden from view, we have risen, and our numbers grow beyond the reckoning of our most vile enemies, among whom many of us once were.

Unlike many of our forefathers before us, we have chosen to build our house upon the Rock, Jesus Christ, He Who is Lord of lords and King of kings! Amen!

Our detractors are filled with great fear because their scorn, which worked upon our fathers, only emboldens our resolve and nurtures our cause to see Christ glorified in the home, in the Church, and amongst the nations of this world.

Let us therefore keep rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem and raise a great generation unto the Lord.

May we continue to teach our children to know Him as we come home to our families at the end of the day instead of chasing after vain and selfish ambition.

May our little ones grow up to sing His praise and cultivate a time of great refreshing in these dry and thirsty lands.

The battle belongs to the Lord.

By His grace and for His glory we rise to the occasion.

O Lord, come quickly.

Soli Deo Gloria