The Church and America at large is in desperate need of bold leaders who will step up and lead by example. Joseph from the Old Testament is a prime example of what a godly leader looks like.

Joseph’s Service: Seeking the Best for Others Before Himself

Even though Joseph could have held back some of his knowledge to interpret dreams, he did not. Instead, he put Pharaoh and all of Egypt ahead of himself. Any other man would have kept a few cards back just to get out of prison, but this was a man of God who had already refused to lie with Potiphar’s wife. He simply would not cave in to selfish impulses. Life was bigger than Joseph because God is the Architect of life, and He requires our submission to his ways not our ways.

Joseph is much like Hananiah, Mishael, and Azariah (the Hebrew names of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego—Daniel 1:7) because, even if God did not get him out of prison, he was still determined to worship God. This resolve only comes from a regenerated heart that loves God and loves his neighbors. He could put others before Himself because He loved God, and, to transgress against God was unthinkable to Him. His service to the Lord in obedience to Him against the wishes of Potiphar’s wife and his selfless labor for Pharaoh were only the tip of the iceberg, for his aid was magnified because his service kept the hope of the promised seed of the woman in Genesis 3:15 alive and well. How is this?

Remember, it was Judah who suggested selling Joseph (Genesis 37:26-27), but, later on in Genesis 49:10, we read that the Messiah would come from Judah. What a great and marvelous act of selfless love that he showed to his brothers. Instead of putting them on the chopping block, he kissed and wept upon them (Genesis 45:15)! That is the complete opposite of the world’s wisdom. He welcomed those who had hated him so much. Now he will forever go down as a great hero who God in His Sovereignty used to preserve the offspring of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Oh, the glory it is to be used by the Living God! He is the epitome of service because the LORD of all Creation hung on the Cross for His beloved sheep (Matthew 27:32-54)! Are we raising sons like that or are we raising self-absorbed tyrants?

If we want our sons to be godly fathers and husbands who pour out their lives for the sake of others, then we must not only teach them God’s Word, but we must also model that love through selfless service. We are especially commanded to model this attitude towards our wives, those for whom we must be ready to lay down our lives (Ephesians 5:25-30). If I sit on the couch while my wife is heavily fatigued from a full day with the children, then I am a fool, and my children will certainly notice. What good is it to be fruitful and multiply when we act lazy and expect more than our wives are meant to handle?

Yes, it requires immense sacrifice to go to work and then come home and start Job #2, but your wife doesn’t receive much of a break either. She is there all the time. We both need rest, but we cannot neglect to alleviate some of the burdens that our wives face on a daily basis.  Though Meggan is the primary Homeschool teacher during the day, I teach as well. I get home, pull up a chair, and break open the books. After the meals, I help to clean up because our children are young and limited in their abilities. It will not be like this forever, but, during this season, it’s time to do some of the dirty work that may never be seen or acknowledged. Family is glorious, but it is work, and the father cannot sit on the couch or retreat to other things when his wife and family are in the most need. If he does, then a familial collapse will soon occur. If you sow the wind, then you will reap the whirlwind (Hosea 8:7).

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