My wife and I sat down and watched ‘42‘ Saturday night, and we had a great discussion afterwards.

Many movies that deal with ‘race’ today usually work hard to demonize American history, but this was different. It was like ‘The Patriot’ with Mel Gibson in that it did not gloss over the realities of prejudice and the results of slavery in America, yet, at the same time, it worked to bring out the best in America as well. From my perspective, it appeared to show us what America could be and should strive for.  At the end of the day, we either look at American history and see nothing but evil, or we seek to capitalize and further cultivate the positives while learning from her blemishes.

That is what our family chooses to do.

This kind of story hits home for my wife and I because our marriage is possible due to those men and women who were willing to sacrifice everything for what was right, including their lives. That should be our cry in the Church about everything we believe, no matter the cost of discipleship-to borrow from Bonhoeffer. Being able to live in a mostly white yet somewhat mixed subdivision outside of Atlanta with a black wife is significant progress. What’s even more stunning is that we hold to orthodox Reformational theology and its practical implications. Sadly, many mixed or non-mixed minority couples are liberal and tend to know little American history, and what they do know tends to be negative.

Yes, prejudice still exists in America, and we do get some sketchy looks at times, but our attitude about things helps us persevere through trials that we face because of the nature of our relationship. Even more so, our beautiful children and Meggan’s exceptional violin playing have more often than not softened the hearts of many. May God continue to build and strengthen His Church in America, and may He continue to bring healing on this front and many others as well.