As fallout from the Zimmerman verdict continues, there have been conflicting reports about the extent of the violence. As expected WND reports, “The George Zimmerman verdict is a declaration of war that only the devil can applaud, according to the Twitter feed for the New Black Panther Party.” Will that be the rule or the exception? We still do not know. Nevertheless, that is only the tip of the ice-berg because something more serious took place, and it involved the federal government, namely any heavily centralized government throughout history.  Why?

If the people ever become united against tyranny, then an overthrow or coup is almost always in order. In early America, as the Colonists became more and more united under a common banner, their strength was made known to the powerful British Empire. What is even more astonishing is that they were united under the flag of limited government where the rulers are elected to serve the people and not the other way around.  This freedom is not easy to retain because sinful man is always lusting for power, something the Founders recognized.  That realization is what every generation faces, and ours is no exception.

The Obama administration was on the ropes and badly needed something to set the public on edge during the run-up to the 2012 Presidential Election. Among other things, the Zimmerman-Martin case provided exactly that. As America continues to heal from prejudice in her past, Obama personally injected himself into the fray and seized the opportunity to rip the nation apart. Wounds that began to heal were torn open yet again.

The race baiters showed up immediately, but it was discovered that Zimmerman was actually part Hispanic, thus the need to call him a ‘White’ Hispanic. Division was needed and it was needed sooner than later. After all, a united country that despised Obamacare, high taxes, abortion, redistribution of wealth, and everything else the left still represents was a threat to Obama’s reelection bid. To compound the situation, the opposition was silenced by the IRS, which blew wide open after the election when it was ‘safe’ to blow up.  This too needed to be squelched, and the Zimmerman trial helped to do that as well. It helped during the election, and it has helped during the cover-up. The people continue to be distracted and divided.

How should we then live as Christians?

As the Church, we must maintain our unity under the banner of Christ. We are one body under Him: both Jew and Gentile. If we are united under Christ and preach Him crucified, then no government can divide us. We cannot control the reaction of non-believers to oppressive regimes, but we can call the Church to the love of Christ. As we do that, God uses this to bring the lost to repentance. Therefore, may we continue to keep our eyes on Christ and the Truth of God’s Word so that we will not be distracted and lose sight over major issues that we face today like abortion, sodomite influence in society, over-regulation, redistribution of wealth, etc.