If music has become a big part of your life and you still wish to enjoy it without making it a career, what other options are there?  Why continue to build upon my skills if I’m not going to be a professional?

You can still improve upon your skills when there is no concrete goal ahead of you.  The more skilled you become, the broader the variety of music you will be able to play well.

Likewise there are many avenues in which to use your gifts.  If you are a member at a local church, you could ask to be put on a rotation to play regularly for special music slots during the worship service.  There are many retirement homes and hospitals close by where you could play for free and minister to those who covet visitors.  You can lead your own family to worship together in your home.  You can form a band with other musicians you know.  You can advertise to do gigs, such as weddings, funerals, dinner parties, etc.  As your skills improve, you can teach others at lower levels and experience the joy of teaching.  And, perhaps the greatest reward, you can teach your children to love, appreciate, and play music together!

There are so many possibilities, just find another passion and unite the two.