Immigration has been a hot button issue for many years, yet it has taken an unusual twist in the realm of Homeschooling. The popular case about a German family that left their homeland so that they could homeschool in America continues to make news.

The Romeike family is desperately trying to stay in America, lest they face intense persecution and be ordered to send their children back to the pagan temples in Germany. WND reports “HSLDA said the Romeikes, who fled from Germany to the United States to legally homeschool, are hopeful that a rehearing might result in a better outcome for their family.”

The great hypocrisy in this case is that millions of illegals are on the verge of amnesty in the United States, yet this wholesome family came here for asylum but are likely to get deported. Why? One word: votes.

The Democrat Party is on the cusp of solidifying a huge voting block for many years to come, something it did during the Civil Rights era with the Black population-of which most of the opposition came from Democrats ironically. They don’t want families like the Romeikes who are sure to vote Conservative, so sending a sharp message of condescension to them not only wards off others from doing the same, but it also helps demonize and marginalize the entire Homeschool movement altogether. In contrast, if the Democrates are able to grant amnesty to those who are more likely to vote for socialistic policies, then they are reinforcing their leftist political agenda.

As Christians, we need to be ever watchful of what is occurring here because the direction of the country is about to be clearly defined one way or the other. We will either have the opportunity to restore conservatism, or we will plunge into a deep communist abyss that will be virtually impossible to come out of. The fight then is not simply over one family; rather, it is a battle for the heart of a nation. This war of worldviews is escalating, and it takes center stage in government classrooms everyday. What are these worldviews, and why are they in such opposition to one another?

The two worldviews that clash the most in American education are Secular Humanism, which is represented in extremely expensive government temples called public schools, and Christianity, which is exemplified in a majority of frugal Homeschool settings. Understanding these spiritual underpinnings is the key to exposing centralized government education on the hand and strategically advocating decentralized Christian home education on the other.

They conflict so violently because at the center of secular humanism is the glorification man, while the glory of God is at the center of Christianity. To his shame, sinful man would rather destroy himself in this false religious system than submit to a Holy God that commands his obedience. This is the religious system that tens of millions of children are immersed into everyday in government schools, a reality that every Christian parent who sends their child to these indoctrination temples needs to be aware of. This is a minefield for your children, so think twice before you send them back this Fall because the soul of your child is at stake, something far more important than anything you could ever possess in the passing life at the expense of your child’s eternal destiny.

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