Lex Rex, Latin for “The Law is King”, was the foundation of American ideology for many years, a concept written about recently on Persevero News.  However, our government has begun to exchange that for Rex Lex: “The King is Law.”


Why is this a big deal?

When the King is Law, he is not subject to anyone but himself. On the contrary, when the Law is King, no one is above it, so everyone is held accountable, but this bodes ill for a despot or unchecked ruling elite. For this reason, he implements his own law to insulate himself against criticism.

Tyrants do implement law; it’s just their own law that best suits their ambitions. What then are the common people or even big business usually left with? Well, you can either schmooze with the King’s system, or you are left out. If you are in good with the King, then you are on a path to prosperity, no matter how unethical you become (think Solyndra). However, those who speak out against such ungodliness are sure to face harassment, financial consequence, physical persecution, or even death (think the prophets and Apostles of Old). It’s that simple.

How then should we live as Christians when we find ourselves living under such governments?

First of all, we are commanded to strive and live in peace with all men if possible (Romans 12:18). Don’t intentionally start a quarrel just to do it; that accomplishes nothing. This isn’t always easy, and it often requires turning the other cheek, but there are those professing Christians who look for a fight around every corner. This was not the pattern of faithful men like Joseph and Daniel who lived among pagans. By God’s grace, they were actually loved by those around them. May we learn from them and emulate what they did.

Secondly, let us pray for our leaders (1 Timothy 2:1-4), something the early Church was exhorted to do in an era of very little Christian influence. The best thing we can do is pray to God that bad leaders be given the grace to repent of their sin and turn their hearts to the Lord Jesus. If not that, then may they at least punish the evil doer, the very reason they are given authority to begin with (Romans 13). Furthermore, do not rejoice over your enemy when he falls (Proverbs 24:17-18). We may thank God for victory over our enemies, but that is not the same as salivating over the fall of an enemy.

Thirdly, never cease to speak the truth with boldness and clarity (2 Timothy 4:1-5). Though an ungodly man or ruler may deny Christ, God holds all men accountable. For this reason, we are unloving when we abandon the truth because the truth of God is what men need to hear. To shy away from the gospel of the the Lord Jesus Christ is to despise our neighbor and our community. In a world that loves self and hates Christ, the truth is what it needs to hear. This often leads to persecution, but do not despair because we are indeed sheep to be slaughtered (Romans 8:36).

We live in dangerous times because the king is becoming Law more and more. Therefore, we must be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:18).  I pray God grants us the grace to help turn the tide in our generation, but that is for Him to decide.  In the meantime, may we be driven to our knees during these evil days and yearn for holiness that we might impact those whom God is drawing to Himself.