Hymns On Violin Available for Purchase!

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Hymns on Violin is now available for purchase!

Hymns on Violin

Meggan has published her first Instrumental Violin Hymn Album entitled Hymns on Violin!


To listen to excerpts of the Album click on the following songs:

Amazing Grace

A Mighty Fortress

Blessed Assurance

Come Thou Fount

Come Ye Sinners

Fairest Lord Jesus

Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Holy, Holy, Holy

Jesus Paid It All

Joy To The World

Lord Enthroned

My Faith Looks Up

There Is A Fountain

This World Is Not My Home

What Wondrous Love

When I Survey

Any Song & Seminar engagement that Meggan plays for is given at no charge, but you can also request other services at an agreed upon rate.

Meggan can provide music to suit a variety of occasions to make the ordinary extraordinary.  Solo violin is ideal for weddings, dinner parties, luncheons, brunch gatherings, anniversary dinners, retirement celebrations, Christmas parties, etc.

Access the link below to listen to Classical, Hymn & Romantic melody samples.

Click HERE.

Contact Meggan for a price quote and/or to book an event, large or small.
By email fiedelchica12@yahoo.com or call 770.841.5547.

City Girl Learns To Garden!

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Download photo.JPG (1720.4 KB)

Download photo.JPG (1937.9 KB)

These pots represent  first attempt to garden.  I’m nervous to say the least, since I’ve not done anything successful with growing things ever.  However, I have a great teacher (Jeramy) and I’m told that herbs are easy and very forgiving.  There are two pots of Basil (Sweet & Genovese), two pots of cilantro, two pots of parsley, one each of rosemary and thyme.  I would also like to grow mustard (the herb, not the green) and peppercorns, if I could.  I pray that they do well and that once they sprout, I don’t kill them.

By Meggan

Islam & Pedophilia: How Worldview Affects Law

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In the Muslim world, it can be extremely difficult for a woman to prove rape under Sharia Law. As Islam spreads across the world, this heinous crime will become more justified. Not only is rape hard to prove this system, but sex with preteens is also common and justified. Such thinking is on our doorstep. Though Sharia is not the Law in the United States yet, appeals to Muslim philosophy are already encroaching.

In Seattle, a 22 year old Muslim college student and volunteer for CAIR, justified intercourse with a twelve year old girl because of how she was dressed. “There are many, many cases all the time of sexual predators taking advantage of underage girls,” wrote Geller. “This one, however, has two elements that show traces of the effects that Islamic supremacism can have on a human mind. Abdelbadie claims that this 12-year-old girl ‘seduced’ him – an idea that might occur easily to someone who, following Muhammad’s example, sees girls as young as nine as sex objects. Also, he claims she was dressed ‘provocatively.’”
Read more here.

The greatest takeaway from this example is that worldview not only affects how we think and act as individuals, but it also impacts Law. As a people or a ruling elite begin to think a certain way, the implementation of laws reflecting those values is sure to follow. Sharia Law is no exception.

As Islam begins to dominate certain cities in America, a greater cry for Sharia will only increase. For this reason, simply attacking the cases that come up will not resolve the problem. We must confront the false worldview of Islam and expose its worldview claims for what they are: baseless and Satanic.

The gospel is the only long-term solution in warring against Islam and all of the baggage that comes with it. When we cow-tow to Islam or any other ungodly system, we not only weaken our own legal system, but we also embolden a structure of beliefs that justifies abuse of women and enslaves its followers.

Take heed ye nations of the earth.

Pslam 2 (ESV)

“Why do the nations rage

and the peoples plot in vain?

2 The kings of the earth set themselves,

and the rulers take counsel together,

against the Lord and against his Anointed, saying,

3 “Let us burst their bonds apart

and cast away their cords from us.”

4 He who sits in the heavens laughs;

the Lord holds them in derision.

5 Then he will speak to them in his wrath,

and terrify them in his fury, saying,

6 “As for me, I have set my King

on Zion, my holy hill.”

7 I will tell of the decree:

The Lord said to me, “You are my Son;

today I have begotten you.

8 Ask of me, and I will make the nations your heritage,

and the ends of the earth your possession.

9 You shall break them with a rod of iron

and dash them in pieces like a potter’s vessel.”

10 Now therefore, O kings, be wise;

be warned, O rulers of the earth.

11 Serve the Lord with fear,

and rejoice with trembling.

12 Kiss the Son,

lest he be angry, and you perish in the way,

for his wrath is quickly kindled.

Blessed are all who take refuge in him.”

Thrift Stores

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When there’s a purchase that has to be made, one of the greatest local places to do it is the thrift store!  You can usually find what you’re looking for if you’re willing to search for it and wait patiently to find it.  Goodwill and The Salvation Army are probably the most popular, nationwide thrift stores.  In the metro Atlanta area there is also St. Vincent de Paul and Park Ave Thrift.  If you have a keen eye, you will find thrift stores that are privately owned by individuals, churches and other charitable groups.  Just keep your eyes open.

On Lawrenceville Hwy 29, there is the Park Ave Outlet.  This is the first place to shop for clothing, shoes, and purses.  They also have bed linens, blankets, and drapes.  This thrift store has set daily prices that can’t be beat except maybe by bargaining at a yard sale.  On Thursdays, every item is $1.75!  Any pair of shoes, a dress, a pair of men’s khakis, or a sleeping bag, is only $1.75!  Each day, the price drops by a quarter.  So on Fridays, every item is $1.50.  On Saturdays, every item is $1.25 and so on until Wednesday, when everything is only $0.25!  However, you can imagine the crowd that may gather during the lunch hour on weekdays.

The quality of the clothing is the same as what you would find at a garage sale.  Some clothing makers build their products for quality and others don’t.  You should look carefully over the items of interest before you purchase and always wash before wear.  Many pieces are like new and still have the original store tags attached.  Some items may have a slight defect: like a broken zipper, a ripped seam, or a missing button.  These minor defects can be fixed quickly and cheaply if you have a few sewing skills and the basic necessities at home.

Shopping at the thrift store saves us a ton of money especially on children’s clothing.  I cannot, with a clear conscience, buy a $20 dress for any one of my children when I know that in 6 months, she won’t fit into it anymore.  Sure, I can hand it down, but I could have spent less than 1/5 that amount buying the SAME DRESS or one similar at the thrift store.  I can still hand it down and make the dollar stretch even farther.  Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Carter’s, Osh Kosh, Chico’s, Ann Taylor, NY & Co, Faded Glory, Old Navy, etc. are all there.  Give it a try: you never know what you might find.

Kids In Bed, Out With The Steak!

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Enjoying an evening with your spouse on a tight budget without a lot of the commotion that comes with small children can be a challenge. We have found a solution.

First of all, we usually have all of our little ones in bed by 8:00. That gives us a big break almost everyday. It provides time to talk, read, or just relax. Second of all, we use Friday or Saturday nights to treat ourselves to a gourmet meal at home after the kids go to bed. It is delicious but far less expensive than going out to eat at a restaurant.

As the husband, I know that my wife wants a cooking break, so I do most of the cooking and all of the grilling for these dinners. I do most of the clean up as well. We feed the kids at their regular time and just eat something small and light to hold us over until we eat our gourmet meal for two. When we’re done, we’re both happy because we just ate a thick juicy marinated streak (a marinated piece steak, chicken, pork, etc. allows you to tenderize a less expensive piece of meat to keep cost down and taste up–always keep bulk ingredients handy to save a boatload on marinating costs). Along with this particular meal we usually have a salad, baked potato, and ice cream.

Meggan is thrilled because she gets pampered with minimal work on her part, and I’m thrilled because I spent $10 instead of $60! This nice piece of steak for two (a little over 18 oz) in the photo was one sale for $6.70 at Wal-Mart; it was great!

Music As Ministry

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If music has become a big part of your life and you still wish to enjoy it without making it a career, what other options are there?  Why continue to build upon my skills if I’m not going to be a professional?

You can still improve upon your skills when there is no concrete goal ahead of you.  The more skilled you become, the broader the variety of music you will be able to play well.

Likewise there are many avenues in which to use your gifts.  If you are a member at a local church, you could ask to be put on a rotation to play regularly for special music slots during the worship service.  There are many retirement homes and hospitals close by where you could play for free and minister to those who covet visitors.  You can lead your own family to worship together in your home.  You can form a band with other musicians you know.  You can advertise to do gigs, such as weddings, funerals, dinner parties, etc.  As your skills improve, you can teach others at lower levels and experience the joy of teaching.  And, perhaps the greatest reward, you can teach your children to love, appreciate, and play music together!

There are so many possibilities, just find another passion and unite the two.

Homeschool, Immigration, and State Religion

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Immigration has been a hot button issue for many years, yet it has taken an unusual twist in the realm of Homeschooling. The popular case about a German family that left their homeland so that they could homeschool in America continues to make news.

The Romeike family is desperately trying to stay in America, lest they face intense persecution and be ordered to send their children back to the pagan temples in Germany. WND reports “HSLDA said the Romeikes, who fled from Germany to the United States to legally homeschool, are hopeful that a rehearing might result in a better outcome for their family.”

The great hypocrisy in this case is that millions of illegals are on the verge of amnesty in the United States, yet this wholesome family came here for asylum but are likely to get deported. Why? One word: votes.

The Democrat Party is on the cusp of solidifying a huge voting block for many years to come, something it did during the Civil Rights era with the Black population-of which most of the opposition came from Democrats ironically. They don’t want families like the Romeikes who are sure to vote Conservative, so sending a sharp message of condescension to them not only wards off others from doing the same, but it also helps demonize and marginalize the entire Homeschool movement altogether. In contrast, if the Democrates are able to grant amnesty to those who are more likely to vote for socialistic policies, then they are reinforcing their leftist political agenda.

As Christians, we need to be ever watchful of what is occurring here because the direction of the country is about to be clearly defined one way or the other. We will either have the opportunity to restore conservatism, or we will plunge into a deep communist abyss that will be virtually impossible to come out of. The fight then is not simply over one family; rather, it is a battle for the heart of a nation. This war of worldviews is escalating, and it takes center stage in government classrooms everyday. What are these worldviews, and why are they in such opposition to one another?

The two worldviews that clash the most in American education are Secular Humanism, which is represented in extremely expensive government temples called public schools, and Christianity, which is exemplified in a majority of frugal Homeschool settings. Understanding these spiritual underpinnings is the key to exposing centralized government education on the hand and strategically advocating decentralized Christian home education on the other.

They conflict so violently because at the center of secular humanism is the glorification man, while the glory of God is at the center of Christianity. To his shame, sinful man would rather destroy himself in this false religious system than submit to a Holy God that commands his obedience. This is the religious system that tens of millions of children are immersed into everyday in government schools, a reality that every Christian parent who sends their child to these indoctrination temples needs to be aware of. This is a minefield for your children, so think twice before you send them back this Fall because the soul of your child is at stake, something far more important than anything you could ever possess in the passing life at the expense of your child’s eternal destiny.

For more insights into secular humanism and its devastating consequences upon America education, check out Take ‘Em Out And Stay Out: The Foundation and Finances of Homeschool.

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