The unwillingness of rulers to confess and repent during a scandal is not uncommon because their power, reputation, prestige, and even their wealth may hang in the balance. They become tyrants and use their power to intimidate any whistle-blowers. This is exactly what Barack Obama has done. The question then is, “Will he repent or will he not?  One King did exactly that.

Nathan confronts David

When our beloved King David pursued the wife of another (2 Samuel 11:1-5) and then worked to cover it up (2 Samuel 11:6-27), Nathan the Prophet shrewdly exposed the King for his treachery to His face (Samuel 12:1-12). David was exposed, but He did the unthinkable. He repented (2 Samuel 12:13-14), and the Lord spared His life. However, there are always consequences for sin, so the child died as a result of David’s sin (2 Samuel 11:14-23), and numerous other consequences would arise as well (2 Samuel 12:10-12).

Nevertheless, two things were at work here: the willingness of Nathan to fear God and confront the King and the fear of God in David to repent when he was laid bare. This is an incredible case study of Biblical discipline, repentance, and restoration of fellowship with the Lord. Not only did Kind David repent, but he wrote our beloved Psalm 51 which was David’s cry of repentance to the Lord for all the world to hear, something a pagan king would not dare to do.

We now face a situation in our country where the President has found himself neck deep in deception, cover-up, and lies. He has been exposed again and again with each passing scandal, yet he refuses to confess his sin and repent of his treachery. There is much at stake obviously, for, if he confesses, then he will be shown to be the liar that he is. If he doesn’t, then he will have to keep lying and continue to use the media to bully his way through his many cover-ups.

How then should we react as Christians?

As hard as it is to pray for such impenitent leaders, we are commanded to do so (2 Timothy  2:1-4). The heart of God is greater than our lust for vengeance, and vengeance is the Lord’s (Romans 12:14-21). We must never forget that. Let us pray that our President repents of his sin, and may He face the consequences of his actions as a repentant man instead of one condemned before the Almighty.

May our prayer before the Lord be for the salvation of Barack Obama and those of his staff. May we not be filled with bitter hatred, for we were just as dead in our trespasses in sin (Ephesians 2:1). He must surely be held accountable, for God is not mocked, but we are commanded to love our neighbor and our enemies (Luke 6:35). That is not easy, but with God all things are possible (Matthew 19:26).