The IRS has the ability to wield an incredible amount of power, and they have certainly done that against the Tea Party, a grassroots movement, ironically, that opposes everything the IRS stands for.


Liberals, which include the spectrum on the left of fascists, socialists, and communists, always work to silence opposition through intimidation and censorship.  They reign with a heavy iron fist, and no amount of purging is beyond their conception.  On the contrary, conservatives allow for debate and seek to win in the battlefield of ideas through open forum.  Liberals cannot allow for this because they always lose on content and must manipulate the people through emotion, name-calling, and manufactured crises.

This action by the IRS is horrendous, for to use the IRS as a weapon to censor and silence political opposition is tyrannical and leads to a massive abuse of power. This methodology must be opposed and condemned if our constitutional republic is to survive. Many conservatives would rather dissolve the IRS altogether, which will take an incredible amount of public support and a significant turn over in Congress, so sending new men grounded in Biblical thought to Congress and the White must be a high priority. Voting the same crowd back election after election will not bring about the change needed to end this tyranny.

Biblically, we cannot succumb to censorship and stop preaching the truth, especially in the realm of evangelism.  Just as the left has used the IRS to target the Tea Party, they have also historically done the same to the Church.  We serve God and not man, so we shall never be silenced as we work to bring the gospel to all tribes, nations, and tongues.  We cannot and will not simply be pushed to the side, for, as Tertullian once said, “The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the gospel.” This has been the case for millennia, and it is no exception today. It may come to that here in America, and, with abortion, euthanasia, and infanticide, it already has.