When are regulations conveniently not enforced? The Billion Dollar Abortion Industry.

This is quite the opposite otherwise. A good inspector can smell a home baked good sold in a local restaurant a 1,000 miles away. It’s origin will be tracked down in a matter of minutes, and grandma will be told to shut down her kitchen or absorb tens of thousands of dollars in regulations required to stay in business. They’ll descend on her humble home like white on rice.  If she resists, she’ll be met with a gun from someone at the local police department. Granny submits, and the elites cry out with great rejoicing as they have yet again preserved the ‘health and safety’ of the public. Bah-humbug.

Not so with the abortion industry. It’s a butcher’s free for all, and Kermit Gosnell’s ‘health clinic’ is but one example of many. The great evil that takes place every day in abortion meat shops is atrocious, yet the media has been virtually silent in covering the trial, save a few outlets.

grand jury report image.png

However, I was shocked to see that at least one major media outlet finally showed pictures from that gruesome abortion facility. Unless I am mistaken, I have never seen such in depth coverage during prime time for one whole hour. It was encouraging to say the least. It means that our fighting is beginning to take root more and more. Regardless of their motive, FoxNews did the unthinkable with that abortion special.

Wilberforce fought for years to end the African slave trade in Britain, and he finally succeeded. He would show people the ugliness of it. Just like slavery and the NAZI death camps, abortion must be plastered across the media for all to see. We cannot allow this to fade in the background and ignore this great reign of terror. The African Slave Trade & The Holocaust was not a mere side issue, and neither is this.

Plans of Slave Decks, Slave Ship Brookes

Holocaust pictures

May the jury convict Gosnell of murder, and may he receive an oak and a rope for his evil. May that send tremors to Planned Parenthood and all the rest. Justice is coming and you’re next. If you wear a red sash, then the law is coming (Tombstone).

Wyatt Earp

Enough is enough. May God take vengeance and end this great ungodliness.