One of the best public defenders will stand on the side of the Boston terror bomber. Maybe he should get the scraps instead of the Five Course Meal.

It’s amazing how we go to such great lengths to defend evil. Sure, we grant a defendant the right to trial by jury, but do we really need to get a radical anti-death penalty defense attorney? All of the usual, “He fell under bad influence,” mantra will come out. Mom will wipe a tear, and his act of terror will turn into an event where he was the real victim and America is the real criminal by being such a mean capitalist country that needed to be checked.

What a charade it will be! We call evil good and good evil.

Furthermore, unless something monumental happens in the hearts of the people, these acts of war will only escalate. America may not have declared war on Islam, but it has declared war on us.

We wonder what the next attack will be like. Will it be with WMD? Will politicians still go soft on Islam? Anyway, if nothing else, the pro-pluralist anti-Christian defense lawyers will get plenty of practice, and their skills will be honed all the better to run America in the ground. What’s worse is that I think they actually enjoy it. They can’t wait to defend the next terrorist so that they are empowered to deride America in court and in the press. It’s like a dog salivating over gravy and lamb chops.

The real question will be what will become of the faithful remnant in the coming years and decades as this runs its course. May we not lose heart, no matter how frustrated and agitated we become about our legal system that loves the enemy and despises its citizens. God is still on His throne, and those who perpetrate evil will be without excuse before the Divine Court, which is why each of us are in desperate need of Jesus Christ at the end of the day.