Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, something else comes along and takes the cake. Recently, students in a government school were required to give a lesbian kiss. This should not surprise us because it is just one more step in normalizing Sodom and Gomorrah. The worst part is that people still send their children to public schools hoping it really isn’t that bad or that things will somehow miraculously get better. They won’t.

Painting of Sodom and Gomorrah

Compulsory 20th century public education has ratcheted up its attack against Christianity with this latest event. It’s amazing how much effort is made towards a secular humanist indoctrination yet very little towards academic integrity, instruction, and accountability. This just shows how biased government education really is. The truth is that it has always been this way; it’s just more acute and in your face today.

For years, the focus was on marginalizing the family, exalting feminism, encouraging government dependency, etc., but now it is an all out assault on anything that even hints at the Bible.  Sodomy is clearly condemned as an abomination in the Bible, so normalizing it is one of the best ways to caricature Christian influence as fringe and intolerant.  Ironically, they are the most intolerant because they seek our absolute silence, yet God is not mocked, and His Church marches on.

We live in evil times, but the Lord continues to bless His Church, and one of the biggest ways we have seen this is through the growth of large families. He has not only opened the womb of His people, but He has also kept their children healthy. Let us be thankful for this great blessing. Not only are children a great blessing, but having them is an assault on the Sodomite worldview because they are biologically incapable of procreating except through surrogates, complicated medical procedures, or blasphemous sodomite adoptions. The fact that they have to engage in such practices magnifies the depravity and eventual self-destruction of their religious system.

Therefore, continue to live a faithful life and spread His Word at every opportunity as we seek to be used by Him to open blind eyes and deaf ears, for we too were once blind and deaf. May He convict the world of sin and bring men to repentance, and may we glorify Him when just one lost soul comes to know Him. May those who perpetrate such evil in public schools be brought to their knees, and may we be humbled by His power in doing so.

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