Islamic terror is not going to just simply go away until Christ returns in all His glory, just like all the other false religions. Frankly, we’ve been at war with Islam for over a millennia. How then do we efficiently fight this seemingly perpetual war with Muslims?

Ironically, Muslim terrorism inspires discussions of Christian doctrine

Even if we withdrew all of our troops, cut ties with every Muslim country, and denied any Muslim passage into America, they would still work to conquer the West. Why? This is an ideological conflict, so it will persist. Just as Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations, Muslims are likewise tasked to spread Islam.

What then is the difference?

At the heart of Christianity is the motivation to advance the gospel with love wherever and whenever God might open up a means to do so. On the other hand, Islam started as a warring faction and will always promote itself by the sword if need be. There have been times when Christians have sought to bring the gospel with the sword, but that is not consistent with the Bible, though our defense of the weak is consistent. When Muslims take up the sword to spread Islam, they are being totally consistent with their commandments to enact jihad against the infidels.

What about alleged peaceful Muslims?

From my personal experience, the supposed peaceful Muslims are simply cultural Muslims who just turn a blind eye to their more consistent brethren. They may not be active in proselytizing, but neither are they quick to condemn jihad, save a small inconsistent and very liberal few.

How then do we react as the Church and in the Political sphere?

The Church

First of all, because this war with Islam is a clash of worldviews, we must approach it as such. As Christians, evangelism has to be our primary focus. Islam is a works based religion that ensnares its congregants, but the gospel sets men free. The onslaught of Islam will only wane when the gospel is set before its constituents and God grants grace unto repentance. Apart from the gospel, these people are without hope of salvation, and neither is there hope for peace outside of Christ.

Secondly, we cannot be afraid to take a hard-line stand against the evils of Islam and call a spade a spade. The sad truth is that many Muslims are more consistent in areas that we once promoted as well, like having children and condemning sodomy. This is an indictment against the Church and a great embarrassment. We lose the moral high ground when the pagan behaves more righteously than does the confessing Church, so be strong and courageous, no matter how much ridicule and persecution we may receive–just expect it.

Thirdly, we must support and pray for our missionaries who are already residing in Muslim countries. Many Muslims are simply cultural Muslims, but even they will seldom come to the aid of Christian converts and missionaries experiencing harsh persecution.

Fourthly, let us pray fervently that God would begin to establish a strong Christian presence and build sound Churches in at least one country so as to establish a workable beachhead for future missionary endeavors.

Fifthly, know that this is ultimately a war in the spiritual realm, so let us love our enemy and show compassion to a hurting, enslaved, and altogether poverty stricken people. Many Muslims want a way out of poverty, but the only answer to that is the gospel. Furthermore, we feed them and clothe them as He has commanded, especially their widows and orphans. In this we demonstrate true religion.

Nothing about the gospel is easy, but it is essential, and there is always a great rejoicing when but one lost sheep repents.

In Policymaking

First, cutting energy ties with Muslim countries and then exporting our energy at a cheaper rate to other countries that are tied to these nations will severely cut into their war chests.  Every military must be funded by something, or it will lose its power.

Secondly, we are running a fool’s errand by trying to nation build in areas that are inherently opposed to a Biblically based Constitutional Republic. Good intentions don’t make friends, just more enemies when everything goes sideways.

Thirdly, our immigration policy must be tightened. Anyone that has even the remotest affiliation with an organized terror group must not be allowed passage into our country—period.

Fourthly, should we still allow Muslims to enter, their mosques must be open for regular searches, and, to show their support against terrorism, they will be closed down and its leadership kicked out of the country when they stop condemning such acts.

Fifthly, they cannot be allowed to vote and use the system to then gain a foothold to implement Sharia Law, something they are already doing.

All of these policies are quite strict, but multiculturalism is a disaster. We will either fight to preserve our way of life, or it will be taken over by someone else. Some will just complain and nitpick about any solutions. To them, I say come up with some or move over. Griping will not get us anywhere and neither will apathy, so take a stand and remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ.