The point of almost any terrorist attack is to raise a political point by invoking fear. How was that maximized in Boston?

Boston Terror attack

The bomb site was located in close proximity to a large civilian gathering, so injuries were numerous, but that was only the beginning. After a short delay, the second bomb exploded in an area where people would have attempted to flee. Because someone will instinctively run away from an initial point of attack to avoid subsequent explosions, the second detonation only increased the carnage. Furthermore, it dramatically heightened the level of fear because it created a ‘you can’t escape from danger’ feeling. That is a horrific situation to be in.

How then should we handle the terrorist element of fear as Christians?

We must rest in the Sovereignty of God knowing that He brings all things to pass, even the most brutal events. In this, we take comfort because He remains in absolute control. God is not surprised, so we should not freak out and fall to pieces in the aftermath of such events. Grief, prayer, fasting, and consolation-yes, but anxiety and deep depression-no.

As Christians, we are also comforted by an understanding that His beloved sheep are eternally secure. The sting of death has been taken away by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Unless the Lord returns before we die, each of us will face death, but that does not come to pass until the Lord calls us home. We should not throw our lives away needlessly or become poor stewards of our bodies, but we rejoice in the fact that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.