We face many great evils today, and some have been around for several centuries, even millenia. The newer ones are usually just a repackage of older ones, while others have maintained their basic structure for quite some time.  However, there is one in particular that the Church has been battling for well over a 1,000 years: Islam.

Islam in the 21st century is one of the most ferocious unrelenting bastions of idolatry set before us. The strength of this powerful demonic religion has ebbed and flowed over time, but its persistence has always been steady.  Now more than ever before, it has conquered new regions and begun to take back old ones at an alarming rate.

From birth, it started as a terrorist religion promising loot to its band of brigands. The Muslims took the Middle East and North Africa rather quickly. They pummeled their way into Spain, but then stalled out in France, something that happened on the eastern sise of Europe as well. Eventually, the Crusades were initiated in an effort take back once Christian lands from the Moors. Some victories were short-lived, but others have been sustained–until now.

Because Islam is built on a faulty foundation that does not allow science to develop and mature, it must leech off others to survive. For this reason, Islam only makes up a small portion of the world’s GDP.  Like a parasite, it must move on because its host has died or become too weak to produce anything.  Today, many of the historic Muslim countries have curbed this a bit with oil exportation, but the masses in those countries suffer immense poverty. The nobility enrich themselves at the expense of the poor. Nonetheless, oil has filled their coffers and given them the needed funds to relaunch a great jihad or holy war across the globe.

For most of its life, Islam had been contained to the Middle East & North Africa (along with some bordering countries), but today it has expanded globally. Vast portions of the earth are being conquered by Muslims.  Some of the poor countries were relatively easy to conquer, but other stalwarts have more difficult to barrel over.  Nevertheless, even the Great Fortress of Christendom has become fatigued and is subject to total conquest in the near future.

Europe has become lazy and frustrated as its socialism has eroded away at the people’s work ethic and past prosperity. Her people have few children, and debt has crippled the European economy. She is ripe for conquest by Muslims who are energized with fat wallets of oil money and a house full of children to replace Europeans that don’t repopulate. Sadly, this same thing is beginning to happen in America as well.

What must be done to push back against this great evil?

A Biblical worldview should be at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Until we center ourselves upon God’s Word, we will be hopeless, so we must turn to Christ and cry out for His grace and mercy. In doing this, our priorities will be rightly aligned as the Spirit will empower us to speak the truth boldly against idolatry, convict us to stop murdering our children, admonish us to take care of the elderly and disabled (families and the Church-not the state), challenge us to to have many children again, equip us to send and support missionaries, teach us to put our financial houses in order, and, Lord willing, open up the Western oil reserves to get us off of the foreign oil that empowers Islam.

All of those things seem so straight forward and were taken for granted in the past, yet our quest for personal peace and affluence (ie more stuff at the expense of family and isolation from our neighbor) has destroyed our society. Oh Christian, be not deceived by the world, the flesh, and the devil. Rather, be strong and courageous against the many wicked systems, like Islam, that wreak havoc upon our people.

Many will face the sword as the situation escalates, but our hope is in Heaven.  Remember, none of us shall lose a single day that God has ordained until He is finished with us in this life, and even death has lost its sting to those who know Him! Bless the God of Heaven, for He is the King of Glory! Amen!