Recent media promotions by the left have gotten bolder and more aggressive. They demand that our children be forced into government school temples, but we won’t give them away to these blasphemers. God gave them to us as parents and not to the collective minded bureaucrats who desire to manipulate and indoctrinate our kids into Marxist ideology.

Communist Leaders

The great irony in all of this is that Christians have willingly sent their children into public schools for several generations. The left dominates the schools, so they dominate the culture. The often quoted saying goes, “He who rules the schools rules the world.” This should send tremors down our spines because we witness every day, and the communist Marxist socialists who often don’t have children want ours with unprecedented zeal.

We then ask ourselves, “Is this idea new?” No.

The Spartans of old were a very statist society, for the children (and everyone else for that matter) were property of the state to serve its will, but such governments are more sinister than first meets the eye.  Behind this entity called the state lies an elite ruling class or even a dictator depending on the set up. Today, they are empowering a particularly enticing system that works best to satisfy their authoritarian lusts for dominion over their fellow man: Marxism.

Marxism appeals to man’s covetous nature and it promises paradise, but it always only deliver tyranny, which is exactly what the elite have in mind to begin with. They rule as kings and nobles. Now … we may not call them unchecked absolute monarchs, but they function the same way with just as much power. The difference is that in the past at least you knew who the tyrant was. In a socialist type government, the leaders are more veiled behind the illusion of this entity we call the state.

How should we then live?

It does not take a village to raise a child! It takes a Father and a Mother under the Lordship of Christ. It is true that the extended family and the Church are often a means to hold the nuclear unit accountable, give wisdom, and provide support.  However, that is as far as their authority goes. The rest is up to Mom and Dad as the Lord has ordained from the beginning. The state does not know how to raise my children better than I do, and I am appalled at such ungodliness.

Be ye warned. Such rhetoric is not empty because they would gladly steal your children in a heartbeat. They’ve been doing it for many years now, but they are meeting a great challenge today, and they are horrified. What is it, and why is it such a threat?

The Biblically Based Homeschool.

To begin with, Homeschool is an assault on the left because it rips educational authority away from the state and gives it back to the family where it belongs. The left murders their children or has very few, so they must steal ours–the fruit of their own self-destructive worldview. This is magnified when a Homeschool is founded upon The Rock, Christ our Lord, because the Church is strengthened, and their idolatry is exposed in all its sinfulness, but they won’t bend quickly.

Therefore, fall on your knees my beloved brethren, and pray for the strength of Christ. You’ll need it now more than ever before. Will you stand up and hold fast to your children, or will you march them into a den of deception and ungodliness that hates the Lord Jesus Christ and everything He represents?

The rabid Marxist Communist Leninists are holding on for dear life, but, as for me and my house, we have yet begun to fight! Let us continue to tear down the strongholds of the Devil!  Raze his walls to the ground by the power of the Spirit of Christ who emboldens us just as strongly as the Prophets and the Apostles of old!

Soli Deo Gloria! Amen!