As our elders age, infirmities become more frequent. Illnesses and injuries seem to linger because they take longer to heal from. What will you do with Mom or Grandma?
Elderly Patients
As we celebrated the blessed Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ, my mother-in-law and I entered a discussion about the status of healthcare in America. It was then that I assured her, Lord willing, that we would take care of her as time passes, and she took great comfort in that.

Why would we do that?

Respect and Responsibility

It is not easy rearing children, and only the Lord knows how they will eventually turn out, though we surely exhaust all means of grace to see them repent and submit to Him. Just as my mother-in-law made the sacrifice to give birth to my wife inside the bonds of marriage, disciplined her when need be, took care of her basic needs, and ultimately introduced her to Christ, I am just as committed to taking care of my mother-in-law as she seasons into the next phase of life.

It is out of great respect and love that I would have no intention of leaving her to the dire straits of an impoverished lonely nursing home. How sad it is when that occurs, yet many who are capable of care taking don’t help out. Why? Barring extreme medical needs, most would rather hold on to their personal peace and affluence instead.

Besides respect,  it is also my responsibility as the head of our household to make us available for both short and long term care should the need arise. I do not look to the state to satisfy such needs. Besides the fact that they will only lend you the scraps, it is not the job of the government to take care of the needy.

They may take care of veterans who have sacrificed and incurred any myriad of injuries in the service of our great nation–about the only thing the government is good for, but that is as far as it goes. Even a veteran still needs family to be there for care and comfort because all the VA benefits in the world cannot replace the warmth and nurture of loved ones.

Therefore, let us take care of our elders both physically and emotionally. May we show the glorious love of Christ to them out of respect and because it is our God-given responsibility.