Lesbian Kiss In Government Schools?

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Just when you think it can’t get any more bizarre, something else comes along and takes the cake. Recently, students in a government school were required to give a lesbian kiss. This should not surprise us because it is just one more step in normalizing Sodom and Gomorrah. The worst part is that people still send their children to public schools hoping it really isn’t that bad or that things will somehow miraculously get better. They won’t.

Painting of Sodom and Gomorrah

Compulsory 20th century public education has ratcheted up its attack against Christianity with this latest event. It’s amazing how much effort is made towards a secular humanist indoctrination yet very little towards academic integrity, instruction, and accountability. This just shows how biased government education really is. The truth is that it has always been this way; it’s just more acute and in your face today.

For years, the focus was on marginalizing the family, exalting feminism, encouraging government dependency, etc., but now it is an all out assault on anything that even hints at the Bible.  Sodomy is clearly condemned as an abomination in the Bible, so normalizing it is one of the best ways to caricature Christian influence as fringe and intolerant.  Ironically, they are the most intolerant because they seek our absolute silence, yet God is not mocked, and His Church marches on.

We live in evil times, but the Lord continues to bless His Church, and one of the biggest ways we have seen this is through the growth of large families. He has not only opened the womb of His people, but He has also kept their children healthy. Let us be thankful for this great blessing. Not only are children a great blessing, but having them is an assault on the Sodomite worldview because they are biologically incapable of procreating except through surrogates, complicated medical procedures, or blasphemous sodomite adoptions. The fact that they have to engage in such practices magnifies the depravity and eventual self-destruction of their religious system.

Therefore, continue to live a faithful life and spread His Word at every opportunity as we seek to be used by Him to open blind eyes and deaf ears, for we too were once blind and deaf. May He convict the world of sin and bring men to repentance, and may we glorify Him when just one lost soul comes to know Him. May those who perpetrate such evil in public schools be brought to their knees, and may we be humbled by His power in doing so.

For the full article on the Lesbian Kiss, click here.

That Your Prayers Be Not Hindered

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Does the relationship with your wife really matter? Yes. Loving your wife as Christ has commanded is essential to your prayer life. How so?

“Likewise, husbands, live with your wives in an understanding way, showing honor to the woman as the weaker vessel, since they are heirs with you of the grace of life, so that your prayers may not be hindered.” 1 Peter 3:7

We often take our wives for granted because most of them do not sound the alarm as they live out a life of service in the home. It is often a thankless responsibility to maintain a household. At the end of the day, the wife can be exhausted, yet that does not end when breast feeding is needed: at 2AM. Eeesh!

It is true that women love to hear I love you on a frequent basis, but they like to see that lived out as well, especially in the realm of daily chores. What are some everyday ways that we can show love to our wives through regular acts of service?

1. Watching the children while she runs errands alone, reads, or exercises is a big morale booster. Before children, errands were more of a nuisance, but now they are like mini-vacations to our ladies. Reading and regular exercise aren’t taken for granted either.

2. Help clean up after supper. Get in there and wash some dishes, especially if you have small children who are still limited in what they can do.

3. We are always on a set budget, so going out to eat can be a little too expensive for us. Therefore, if you’re in this boat, cook for your family once a week or more, whether it’s the grill or on the stove. If you don’t know how, then learn. I love fire anyway, so this is something I look forward to. Furthermore, I was blessed with a mother who is a great Southern cook. She taught my brother and I quite a bit about cooking, and the meal always turns out even better when the vegetables come straight out of the garden.

These are just a few things that we can do to selflessly serve our wives in an effort to demonstrate Christ-like love to them. In doing this, our spousal relationships are bound to excel, which strengthens our prayers for guidance, wisdom, discipline, and sound leadership.

Fighting Islam Till Kingdom Come

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Islamic terror is not going to just simply go away until Christ returns in all His glory, just like all the other false religions. Frankly, we’ve been at war with Islam for over a millennia. How then do we efficiently fight this seemingly perpetual war with Muslims?

Ironically, Muslim terrorism inspires discussions of Christian doctrine

Even if we withdrew all of our troops, cut ties with every Muslim country, and denied any Muslim passage into America, they would still work to conquer the West. Why? This is an ideological conflict, so it will persist. Just as Christians are commanded to make disciples of all nations, Muslims are likewise tasked to spread Islam.

What then is the difference?

At the heart of Christianity is the motivation to advance the gospel with love wherever and whenever God might open up a means to do so. On the other hand, Islam started as a warring faction and will always promote itself by the sword if need be. There have been times when Christians have sought to bring the gospel with the sword, but that is not consistent with the Bible, though our defense of the weak is consistent. When Muslims take up the sword to spread Islam, they are being totally consistent with their commandments to enact jihad against the infidels.

What about alleged peaceful Muslims?

From my personal experience, the supposed peaceful Muslims are simply cultural Muslims who just turn a blind eye to their more consistent brethren. They may not be active in proselytizing, but neither are they quick to condemn jihad, save a small inconsistent and very liberal few.

How then do we react as the Church and in the Political sphere?

The Church

First of all, because this war with Islam is a clash of worldviews, we must approach it as such. As Christians, evangelism has to be our primary focus. Islam is a works based religion that ensnares its congregants, but the gospel sets men free. The onslaught of Islam will only wane when the gospel is set before its constituents and God grants grace unto repentance. Apart from the gospel, these people are without hope of salvation, and neither is there hope for peace outside of Christ.

Secondly, we cannot be afraid to take a hard-line stand against the evils of Islam and call a spade a spade. The sad truth is that many Muslims are more consistent in areas that we once promoted as well, like having children and condemning sodomy. This is an indictment against the Church and a great embarrassment. We lose the moral high ground when the pagan behaves more righteously than does the confessing Church, so be strong and courageous, no matter how much ridicule and persecution we may receive–just expect it.

Thirdly, we must support and pray for our missionaries who are already residing in Muslim countries. Many Muslims are simply cultural Muslims, but even they will seldom come to the aid of Christian converts and missionaries experiencing harsh persecution.

Fourthly, let us pray fervently that God would begin to establish a strong Christian presence and build sound Churches in at least one country so as to establish a workable beachhead for future missionary endeavors.

Fifthly, know that this is ultimately a war in the spiritual realm, so let us love our enemy and show compassion to a hurting, enslaved, and altogether poverty stricken people. Many Muslims want a way out of poverty, but the only answer to that is the gospel. Furthermore, we feed them and clothe them as He has commanded, especially their widows and orphans. In this we demonstrate true religion.

Nothing about the gospel is easy, but it is essential, and there is always a great rejoicing when but one lost sheep repents.

In Policymaking

First, cutting energy ties with Muslim countries and then exporting our energy at a cheaper rate to other countries that are tied to these nations will severely cut into their war chests.  Every military must be funded by something, or it will lose its power.

Secondly, we are running a fool’s errand by trying to nation build in areas that are inherently opposed to a Biblically based Constitutional Republic. Good intentions don’t make friends, just more enemies when everything goes sideways.

Thirdly, our immigration policy must be tightened. Anyone that has even the remotest affiliation with an organized terror group must not be allowed passage into our country—period.

Fourthly, should we still allow Muslims to enter, their mosques must be open for regular searches, and, to show their support against terrorism, they will be closed down and its leadership kicked out of the country when they stop condemning such acts.

Fifthly, they cannot be allowed to vote and use the system to then gain a foothold to implement Sharia Law, something they are already doing.

All of these policies are quite strict, but multiculturalism is a disaster. We will either fight to preserve our way of life, or it will be taken over by someone else. Some will just complain and nitpick about any solutions. To them, I say come up with some or move over. Griping will not get us anywhere and neither will apathy, so take a stand and remain steadfast in the Lord Jesus Christ.

Fear: The Prime Weapon of Terrorists

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The point of almost any terrorist attack is to raise a political point by invoking fear. How was that maximized in Boston?

Boston Terror attack

The bomb site was located in close proximity to a large civilian gathering, so injuries were numerous, but that was only the beginning. After a short delay, the second bomb exploded in an area where people would have attempted to flee. Because someone will instinctively run away from an initial point of attack to avoid subsequent explosions, the second detonation only increased the carnage. Furthermore, it dramatically heightened the level of fear because it created a ‘you can’t escape from danger’ feeling. That is a horrific situation to be in.

How then should we handle the terrorist element of fear as Christians?

We must rest in the Sovereignty of God knowing that He brings all things to pass, even the most brutal events. In this, we take comfort because He remains in absolute control. God is not surprised, so we should not freak out and fall to pieces in the aftermath of such events. Grief, prayer, fasting, and consolation-yes, but anxiety and deep depression-no.

As Christians, we are also comforted by an understanding that His beloved sheep are eternally secure. The sting of death has been taken away by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. Unless the Lord returns before we die, each of us will face death, but that does not come to pass until the Lord calls us home. We should not throw our lives away needlessly or become poor stewards of our bodies, but we rejoice in the fact that to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

Islam: A Great Evil Rebuilt

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We face many great evils today, and some have been around for several centuries, even millenia. The newer ones are usually just a repackage of older ones, while others have maintained their basic structure for quite some time.  However, there is one in particular that the Church has been battling for well over a 1,000 years: Islam.

Islam in the 21st century is one of the most ferocious unrelenting bastions of idolatry set before us. The strength of this powerful demonic religion has ebbed and flowed over time, but its persistence has always been steady.  Now more than ever before, it has conquered new regions and begun to take back old ones at an alarming rate.

From birth, it started as a terrorist religion promising loot to its band of brigands. The Muslims took the Middle East and North Africa rather quickly. They pummeled their way into Spain, but then stalled out in France, something that happened on the eastern sise of Europe as well. Eventually, the Crusades were initiated in an effort take back once Christian lands from the Moors. Some victories were short-lived, but others have been sustained–until now.

Because Islam is built on a faulty foundation that does not allow science to develop and mature, it must leech off others to survive. For this reason, Islam only makes up a small portion of the world’s GDP.  Like a parasite, it must move on because its host has died or become too weak to produce anything.  Today, many of the historic Muslim countries have curbed this a bit with oil exportation, but the masses in those countries suffer immense poverty. The nobility enrich themselves at the expense of the poor. Nonetheless, oil has filled their coffers and given them the needed funds to relaunch a great jihad or holy war across the globe.

For most of its life, Islam had been contained to the Middle East & North Africa (along with some bordering countries), but today it has expanded globally. Vast portions of the earth are being conquered by Muslims.  Some of the poor countries were relatively easy to conquer, but other stalwarts have more difficult to barrel over.  Nevertheless, even the Great Fortress of Christendom has become fatigued and is subject to total conquest in the near future.

Europe has become lazy and frustrated as its socialism has eroded away at the people’s work ethic and past prosperity. Her people have few children, and debt has crippled the European economy. She is ripe for conquest by Muslims who are energized with fat wallets of oil money and a house full of children to replace Europeans that don’t repopulate. Sadly, this same thing is beginning to happen in America as well.

What must be done to push back against this great evil?

A Biblical worldview should be at the forefront of our hearts and minds. Until we center ourselves upon God’s Word, we will be hopeless, so we must turn to Christ and cry out for His grace and mercy. In doing this, our priorities will be rightly aligned as the Spirit will empower us to speak the truth boldly against idolatry, convict us to stop murdering our children, admonish us to take care of the elderly and disabled (families and the Church-not the state), challenge us to to have many children again, equip us to send and support missionaries, teach us to put our financial houses in order, and, Lord willing, open up the Western oil reserves to get us off of the foreign oil that empowers Islam.

All of those things seem so straight forward and were taken for granted in the past, yet our quest for personal peace and affluence (ie more stuff at the expense of family and isolation from our neighbor) has destroyed our society. Oh Christian, be not deceived by the world, the flesh, and the devil. Rather, be strong and courageous against the many wicked systems, like Islam, that wreak havoc upon our people.

Many will face the sword as the situation escalates, but our hope is in Heaven.  Remember, none of us shall lose a single day that God has ordained until He is finished with us in this life, and even death has lost its sting to those who know Him! Bless the God of Heaven, for He is the King of Glory! Amen!


My Kids, Not Yours Uncle Sam!

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Recent media promotions by the left have gotten bolder and more aggressive. They demand that our children be forced into government school temples, but we won’t give them away to these blasphemers. God gave them to us as parents and not to the collective minded bureaucrats who desire to manipulate and indoctrinate our kids into Marxist ideology.

Communist Leaders

The great irony in all of this is that Christians have willingly sent their children into public schools for several generations. The left dominates the schools, so they dominate the culture. The often quoted saying goes, “He who rules the schools rules the world.” This should send tremors down our spines because we witness every day, and the communist Marxist socialists who often don’t have children want ours with unprecedented zeal.

We then ask ourselves, “Is this idea new?” No.

The Spartans of old were a very statist society, for the children (and everyone else for that matter) were property of the state to serve its will, but such governments are more sinister than first meets the eye.  Behind this entity called the state lies an elite ruling class or even a dictator depending on the set up. Today, they are empowering a particularly enticing system that works best to satisfy their authoritarian lusts for dominion over their fellow man: Marxism.

Marxism appeals to man’s covetous nature and it promises paradise, but it always only deliver tyranny, which is exactly what the elite have in mind to begin with. They rule as kings and nobles. Now … we may not call them unchecked absolute monarchs, but they function the same way with just as much power. The difference is that in the past at least you knew who the tyrant was. In a socialist type government, the leaders are more veiled behind the illusion of this entity we call the state.

How should we then live?

It does not take a village to raise a child! It takes a Father and a Mother under the Lordship of Christ. It is true that the extended family and the Church are often a means to hold the nuclear unit accountable, give wisdom, and provide support.  However, that is as far as their authority goes. The rest is up to Mom and Dad as the Lord has ordained from the beginning. The state does not know how to raise my children better than I do, and I am appalled at such ungodliness.

Be ye warned. Such rhetoric is not empty because they would gladly steal your children in a heartbeat. They’ve been doing it for many years now, but they are meeting a great challenge today, and they are horrified. What is it, and why is it such a threat?

The Biblically Based Homeschool.

To begin with, Homeschool is an assault on the left because it rips educational authority away from the state and gives it back to the family where it belongs. The left murders their children or has very few, so they must steal ours–the fruit of their own self-destructive worldview. This is magnified when a Homeschool is founded upon The Rock, Christ our Lord, because the Church is strengthened, and their idolatry is exposed in all its sinfulness, but they won’t bend quickly.

Therefore, fall on your knees my beloved brethren, and pray for the strength of Christ. You’ll need it now more than ever before. Will you stand up and hold fast to your children, or will you march them into a den of deception and ungodliness that hates the Lord Jesus Christ and everything He represents?

The rabid Marxist Communist Leninists are holding on for dear life, but, as for me and my house, we have yet begun to fight! Let us continue to tear down the strongholds of the Devil!  Raze his walls to the ground by the power of the Spirit of Christ who emboldens us just as strongly as the Prophets and the Apostles of old!

Soli Deo Gloria! Amen!

A Kingdom Above Ethnicity

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Heritage and tradition are good things until …. they clash with God’s Revelation. If we are to march the gospel forward in these latter days, then we must see ourselves as Christians first. The Kingdom of God must be out highest priority. Do not forget that we are just aliens passing through. Our home is in Heaven.

How then does this mindset affect our daily living?

1. We will joyfully and eagerly send missionaries all over the world. Because we recognize that Christ came to redeem men from all tribes, nations, and tongues, then we have no hesitation in reaching the uttermost.  After all, as Western Gentiles, we were part of the uttermost until the gospel came to our ancestral lands.

2. We won’t have an arrogant paternal attitude to fellow brethren of different ethnicities. After the fall of Rome and up until the Reformation, the gospel was relatively contained to the European theater or at least neighboring regions. Because of this, it is easy for those of us with European descent to consider ourselves more mature Christians. However, heritage does not make us more mature, but it has given us a great foundation from which to draw from, especially the old writings. With that being said, many countries that were in the dark for millenia are now some of the most Biblical. It is they who have begun to convict and admonish the West instead of the other way around.

3. We will not eliminate potential godly spouses for ourselves or our children simply based on outward appearance. An excellent wife is hard to find, says the writer of Proverbs 31.  That hasn’t changed much in 3,000 years, so let us not narrow the pool of available godly men and women for our children.  Though differing cultures can add strain to a marriage and must be worked through to make a marriage successful, to simply bypass godly women for our sons and vice verse because of ethnic origin is foolish. After all, two of the greatest heroes in the Bible married outside of their ethnicity: Moses and Joseph. When Miriam (the sister of Moses) acted disrespectfully towards the wife of Moses (a much darker woman apparently), she was chastised severely by the Lord. Be ye warned.

4. We will not succumb to deep despondency should our culture totally implode. Europe has already apostatized (so much so that it is about to become dominated by Islam), and America is next unless something changes….quickly.  Nonetheless, the gospel marches on in the same way it did when the Middle East and North Africa fell apart at the seams. It is the Kingdom of Heaven that will never implode, and we shall always take great joy and comfort in that. It is sad when our culture abandons the Lord, but, I am just as joyous to be around Christians from any stripe because I will be with them for eternity. If the only group of Christians lived in some remote desert, I would not hesitate to be right there amongst them singing praises to the Lord.

5. We will never lose hope in the eternal rest that awaits us because we know that God is working through all tribes, nations, and tongues to bring His will to pass. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gives us eternal life, and the Lord of hosts is bringing His will about each and every day.  Though times are tough, His joy and peace will never flee from us. Take cheer, beloved ones, and know that He is God. He controls all the nations, and He is actively using each of them to accomplish His purposes, so let us not be somber when other nations speak a louder and bolder voice for the gospel. Rather, may we rejoice in God’s work through them.

Every era of Church history has had its successes and short comings. Our generation is slowly breaking away from the paternal and even Church sanctioned prejudicial attitude that exist amongst our forefathers–though some were quite the opposite, and I rejoice in that.. We can thank God for that. At the same time, we must draw from their wisdom in other areas where they stood fast for orthodoxy …. in places where we haven’t. I rejoice in their hard work and desire to learn from their transgressions, though it is God alone that I glorify. For those ancestors that loved the Lord, let us honor them as we seek to re-dig the old wells and rebuild the walls that secular humanism has sought to destroy.

May His Kingdom come!

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