It is claimed that most native born Americans will not do certain jobs like working in the fields. Of  course they won’t. They don’t have to. If you don’t work, the government is more than eager to give you food, shelter, a phone, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Everyone is happy because the lazy man doesn’t have to work, and the liberal has one new dependent person to count on in the next election.

What happened to America?

Many of us grew up working in the heat, cold, rain, and wind because there was no job beneath us. That doesn’t mean we wanted to do those tasks forever, but we could if need be. Why? We believed that it’s not the government’s responsibility to hold our hands through life. An able bodied man was expected to work and those who could not work were taken care of by family and the Church.

That has changed.

As more and more Americans realized that they could vote themselves more money, they began to work a little less or at least decided they would abstain from certain jobs.  If the government was going to just give them stuff, then why work in the fields or dig ditches. After all, those jobs don’t pay much, and they’re not that appealing.  I know because I use to do those jobs, though, to be honest, I still like manual labor. The difference today is that I do grunt work at my own pace when something needs to be fixed, repaired, hoed, weeded, etc.

Many of us worked our way out of those tough jobs into something better, but some today would rather get on the system and wait for something nice to open up instead of grinding it out.  That does sound appealing, but that attitude destroys the economy, and it doesn’t build character or appreciation for a strong work ethic.

For this reason, many of the tough jobs are filled by recent immigrants (both legal and illegal) because many American citizens will not go work in the fields, and, if they will, they don’t work as hard and are probably not reliable enough to actually show up on time.  However, there is a fix to all of this, and the Apostle Paul nails it.

“… If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” 1 Thessalonians 3:10

When you get hungry enough, baggin’ onions and pluckin’ chickens gets awfully enticing.  If we cut down on the gimme programs (ie. food stamps used to buy rib-eye steaks), then people would do the less appealing jobs. Not only would that abate America’s thirst for illegal immigration, but it would also build some character in those who just want to mooch.

I sympathize with those who will do whatever it takes to provide for their families but are just having difficulty getting any kind of work, but I do not sympathize with those who are ‘not willing to work.’ Subsidizing that kind of lifestyle only reinforces government dependency, a dependency that runs up debt and drains whatever money is still left in our coffers.