Arkansas is leading the way in our fight against abortion with the passage of the Heartbeat Protection Act for the unborn.

The state legislature of Arkansas recently passed significant pro-life legislation, but the big test came when the governor vetoed the bill. However, an override occurred that enacted the bill into law.

This is another example of why fighting and reclaiming Constitutional state authority is so important. The original federal government had much less power than it does today.  However, as it has expanded, we have grown accustomed to going to the Feds to get anything done, including policies affecting the sanctity of life, but this is counterproductive. Not only does it diminish state sovereignty, but it also makes it that much more difficult to change the direction of our nation on some very weighty matters.

Therefore, let us advocate and push for the passage of significant legislation at the state level. This will not only reclaim a multitude of key rights that the states originally had over the federal government, but it will also strengthens our efforts against the culture of death.

For more information on what has occurred in Arkansas with the passage of the heartbeat law, check out this recent video with the Duggars from World Net Daily.