Popular Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has been pushing the position that the New Testament contains contradictions in the gospel accounts, and he has historically dismissed critical portions of the Old Testament as pure allegory. Is this really the case?

No. The gospels are not contradictory, and the Old Testament narratives are not simply allegories trying to communicate a moral philosophy.

First of all, the alleged contradictions are resolved through the different complementary perspectives of each gospel writer. Moreover, some are not trying to give a specific chronology but are rather bringing out a specific point. This was a common way to communicate a truthful and accurate representation of an event, yet precision was not always the concern (ie the general 100 vs the precise 102.5). Apparently, the learned O’Reilly needs to read a good book on at least basic hermeneutics and then one for more ancient writings as well.

Secondly, with regard to miracles, it is amazing to see how audacious someone can be with the Word of God and Biblical history. In spite of all the evidence, man still dismisses the Bible. This actually demonstrates the depravity of man and his willingness to reject what is plain for what is always a convoluted work-around used to deny all or specific elements of supernatural revelation.  Unquestionably man’s presuppositions always drive him to conclude certain things about the Bible, which is why we must expose these presuppositions as baseless and untenable.

The fundamental reason why many deny the miracles of the Bible is because their worldview forces them there, no matter how many evidences may be provided to the contrary. You see, if my worldview denies the supernatural, then I cannot accept miracles, even if one happened right in front of me! This is a critical observation  because it seriously impacts evangelism. How?

A truckload of evidence will never convince anyone to repent, but they certainly have their place.  We can use such things to show the consistency of the Bible to reality, yet exposing the absurdity that a false worldview leads to raises the stakes and gets at the heart of the problem: the sinful heart. At this point, someone is laid bare and cannot hide because their very worldview is shattered at its base. How?

Well, in their effort to deny any and all evidence used to demonstrate the reliability and truthfulness of the Bible, they must steal from God’s Word to argue their case. In other words, they must take from the only worldview that undergirds rationality and the use of logic to then logically and rationally argue against it. No more fig leaves at this point.

Either repent or continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness while knowing that your false worldview cannot account for anything. This is exactly what Elijah did with the prophets of Baal. He exposed the foolishness of their worldview. In this, the Spirit provoked many Israelites to repentance as He opened their eyes, but He withheld regenerating grace to others as was the case with the false prophets themselves. Ultimately, that is up to Him. We, like Elijah are called to shut the mouths of those espousing a false worldview leaving them without excuse, but God Himself determines who will actually repent. This is the means that God has chosen from the beginning, yet He alone determines the result of those means, something we must humbly submit to.

Therefore, when you hear the run of the mill arguments against God’s Word, just ask the person to account for things like logic which are not physical in a world that they believe is only made up of things that can only be perceived by our senses of sight, touch, etc. If the man says, “Oh I believe in God,” ask which one and how can you verify what He demands?

Apart from the Bible, you really can’t justify anything as reality. For this reason, God must communicate to us in an intelligible way for us to rightly know Who He is and who we are in relation to Him. Otherwise, we are left to our fallen mature that does not rightly grasp God and will continue to suppress the truth. Even that explanation is found in His Word. It is not that we don’t know that God exists; it is that we suppress this truth in unrighteousness.

In actuality Adam needed God’s Word before the Fall, which is why God spoke to Adam. Now that sin is in the world, the necessity of His Word is surely magnified, for the best that general revelation can do is condemn us, but, in His Word we find hope. Hope not only for salvation but also an inspired inerrant framework by which to justify and understand the world as it really is. Without it, we are left condemned and unable to know with certainty (that being the key word) that we can even know anything, much less Who God is and what He requires of us.

So, Mr. O’Reilly, the great tapestry that is God’s Word is not a bunch of myths used to teach some moral lessons. On the contrary, His Word is the very foundation of knowledge, and the historical events recorded therein have doctrinal application today because they are not myths. Myths cannot ground anything; they are at best fallen man’s vain attempt to explain reality without the ability to back those claims up with absolutely certainty. To develop and rely on myth, which hasn’t a shred of certainty, leads each man to do what he perceives as right in his own eyes, which is where we stand today: another age of pessimism, doubt, confusion, and tyranny–just like the Greco Roman world.

Repent therefore, and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Today is the day of salvation, so do not delay, lest you be taken and face a mighty judgment for your rebellion against a Holy God Who will have His vengeance against idolatry.