Finally! Someone in the Senate challenged Caesar. I just wanted to stand on my desk and cheer! When Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky filibustered yesterday, along with a faithful few that helped him, he sent a message to Barack Hussein Obama-mmm mmm mmm, yet this message was about something greater.

We will not simply step aside and watch you ‘shred the Constitution’, he declared. You cannot simply target Americans that you deem threats to the state without due process of law who do not pose an imminent threat. I might add that we are a society based on laws, and those laws come from the Constitution, and the Constitution is rooted in Biblical principles. Moreover, those targeted as ‘terrorists’ would eventually turn out to be anyone and everyone who opposes this modern regime, namely us.

Again, it was a spark that surpassed appointments or drone strikes; it was about whether or not we will reclaim the Constitution or throw it in the trash and watch everything our heroes of the past died for be thrown out the window.

Washington crossed the Delaware River because he believed in something greater than himself. He believed that tyranny is unjust and that men are not wards of the state without God-given freedoms. When all hope had seemingly vanished, Washington took it to the Hessian mercenaries and reignited the flame of liberty in America.  I pray Senator Paul did the same thing on Wednesday. The Republicrats and Rinos, who feasted from the scraps at Obama’s table, opposed Senator Paul, and may their power flee from them like a rabbit from a fox.

Barack Obama eventually got his appointment by the Senate, but we have dug in, and we aren’t going away. Ridicule and mockery await us, but we will not look back 30 or 40 years from now and say to our grandchildren, if the Lord wills, that we did nothing.  We spoke nothing, and we wrote nothing. We just stood on the sidelines and watch it all collapse.

The time is ripe to be strong and courageous. Yes, there are giants in the land that desire to keep us as wards of the state and subjugate our children to their will, but we stand for righteousness. Let us therefore repent of our sin, cry out to the LORD God of hosts, and plead for mercy to heal our land. Oh LORD, hear our cries of repentance and hear our pleas for mercy! We beg Thee, O LORD, to strengthen us for this fight, for it will only intensify.

Suit up with the armor of the Living God, and be not fearful! Amen!

Soli Deo Gloria!