America is obsessed with entertainment and especially sports. At the same time, her citizens care little about what really matters. Is this something new in our age?

No. There is nothing new under the sun.

A look at ancient Greco-Roman history can shed some light on this. One of the great political philosophies espoused in ancient Greece was a system that advocated a society ruled by what were called philosopher kings. They were considered to be the most qualified because of their supposed wisdom. They would rule society as an elite class and use entertainment, especially athletics, to give the masses something to expend their energy and adoration into. In this way, the mob is pacified. At the same time, the people are wards of the state to be used at the discretion of the philosopher kings and advancement of their agenda. In a nutshell then, there are the philosopher kings, athletes, and the common man who did the will of the state. This was elaborated upon at length by Doug Phillips in his lecture on Jerusalem and Athens in the 10 part History of The World DVD set, which I highly recommend.

This system did not play out exactly as conceived, but Greece was very much like that at one time, and similar systems have arisen over the millenia. The terms have changed, but the concepts and positions have remained the same. If this sounds strangely familiar, then don’t be surprised because history is repeating itself in America today. We left the Lord and gave control of society to a small elite to rule over us so that we could indulge in entertainment and sport.  What is worse is that we gave our children over as wards of the state also.  But what about those who didn’t buy into such vanities then and haven’t now? These are the troublemakers.

If you abstain from non-stop entertainment and believe that you and your children are not expendable assets of the state, then you are ostracized and even demonized as extreme and irrational. The great irony is that those who give themselves over as slaves to the state do so at their own peril. They are given enough bread for their labor to be of use to the state and just enough is left over to soothe their frustrations in the arena. Why then is the state so restrictive?

The state does not want people to break free of state run labor (whether large private companies or government agencies), especially the youth.  Otherwise, citizens will quickly realize that they don’t need the state, and the philosopher kings will not be able to capitalize on their life long labor. The elite allow for a basic retirement of sorts in old age as a bit of incentive to keep working while submitting under a glass ceiling of potential, but that is limited to the bare necessities and some spare change to watch tv until you breath your last. After all, we don’t need any funny business late in life when some have realized that they’ve been had. Just push Grandad in front of the tv and tell him he’s entitled to this, and he’ll quietly go away. And when he is too old to be of use, we will give him a few meds to ease his passing and then move on to the next generation.

All of that sounds rather depressing, so how should we then live?

We have a better hope. That Hope is a Living Hope, and to Him we give our allegiance. He is our Prophet, Priest, and King. We nor our children are wards of the state; rather, we belong to the Giver of Eternal Life. In Him we are satisfied and filled with peace, joy, and love.

Therefore, let us not be distracted by the trifles of this life and lose our focus on the Great Commission and the advocacy of Biblical principles in society. We may live under temporal tyranny in any given era, but He is Sovereign, and we must remind ourselves that we enjoy an eternal liberty that comes from Christ no matter our circumstances. In Him, we are able to withstand the evils of this world and continue to expand the Kingdom of God that grows with every passing generation. Ultimately, Christ will return and end all temporal tyranny. At that point, our faithful lives will be vindicated as we bask in the glory of Christ and enjoy the treasures that we have been storing up in Heaven with Him and the rest of the saints of God.

Lord come quickly! Amen!