Many people speculate about why America has fallen into decay, but they usually miss the boat.  However, a few days ago, Rush Limbaugh echoed a statement on his radio program that was used by the Founders.  What was it?

This constitutional republic is for ‘a moral and religious people’.

What does it mean: a moral and religious people? Furthermore, why is that important? ‘A moral and religious people’ was a phrase used to express a society based on a Judeo-Christian ethic. Its laws are based on Absolute Law that comes from the Bible, and two fundamental assumptions underpin what this ethic is: knowledge of God and of man as it pertains to Original Sin and the Sovereign Providence of God.

Man is corrupt by nature and selfishly desires power that he is quick to use for oppressive purposes, so he must be governed by a system that will restrain that lust for power. The Providence of God is also critical, for it is the Sovereign Providential Hand of God alone that protects a people, supplies their needs, and grants them the opportunity for the free exchange of goods and services (ie. the free-market). The Founders did not want mob rule and chaos, but neither did they want to restore a tyranny of the individual or small elite. What could they advocate that would take into account both of the above principles? That was not an easy question to answer, but they came up with a solution.

A Limited Constitutional Republic

Such a system was developed to protect the liberty of its citizens to worship God without reprisal (understand freedom of assembly in that), encourage them to be fruitful in their labors with low taxation and minimal regulation, and bring about swift justice against both foreign and domestic enemies. However, there is one catch. This is only designed for a culture founded upon the Bible.

If the people as a whole submit themselves to the LORD God, then a limited government is strong enough to restrain evil while protecting the innocent. However, when the vast majority of society begins to rebel and despise Christ, lawlessness is always the result. At that point, the people are quick to relinquish their liberty and hand it over to the government. Lurking in the shadows, evil men, who have been waiting and even pressing for this moment, seize power and enact their own will and eliminate opposition. Such tyrants step in and enact a litany of new laws and regulations that stifle the free market and crush a whole list of liberties, especially the freedom to assemble for public worship. Why is that? They need control over everything to enact their will, and they do not want a competitor that can condemn their unrighteous acts of tyranny.

How sad is the state of man!

It goes without saying that we have abandoned the Ark of God in favor of a quickly sinking Titanic. A government based on Biblical Law is righteous and stands on a firm everlasting foundation, but a government based on the whims and changing philosophies of man are built upon sand and only produce oppression. When our society abandoned God and His Law, He gave us over to unrighteousness and tyranny. We wanted to be worshiped, and we lusted after the vanities of sin. Indeed, they are pleasurable for a sin, but they only bring judgment and misery.

To rebel against God is to sow the wind and reap the whirlwind. Will we repent and cling to Christ? He alone can bring healing, true liberty (which is the liberty to worship Him), and prosperity? If not, times will only get worse.

I pray that we repent and cast ourselves upon Him.