I have an aunt who is now in her later years, but something very disturbing happened to her when she was younger. Listen to her story.

My great aunt is an excellent baker and is renowned in the local community for her delicious cakes. I can taste one of those multi-layered red velvet cakes right now …  mmmm. Make you wanna slap ya mama :)  At some point, she decided to market her pastries to individual and businesses like local restaurants.  Then she hit a massive set back. Were there complaints about her cakes? Absolutely not. Were there suspicions about the cleanliness of her kitchen? Never. Was she losing money? Nope.  What then was threatening to devour her faster than a lion after a sick zebra?


A local bakery decided that they were going to close her business by using the law to do it. Instead of competing with better cakes and more competitive prices, they used the legal route. She used her own kitchen, which is a big no-no! This is why we and many others can’t sell food products.
Crony Capitalism at its best. If you can’t compete, then eliminate.

Providentially, she was able to continue because there was another large room in their home that could be converted into an additional separate kitchen. It wasn’t cheap because she had to purchase a whole gob of stuff, but she did it. Many cannot stomach the expense, so they just never open their doors to begin with, and this destroys home based businesses. Businesses that are built at home so that people can spend more time with their family.

What’s the solution?

First of all, call out this nonsense, and condemn it as evil. Second of all, if you want to own a home based business, look for a niche that is not as regulated … well not yet anyway.