The Marxist Enslavement of Today’s Immigrants

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A flood of immigrants came into the United States during the 19th century, and they arrived for a multitude of reasons. Most of them probably left their native lands in search of a better life. They were looking for opportunity, and we gave it to them, but we offer something far different today: government slavery.
Instead of encouraging a streamlined immigration process that rewards diligent labor, we have opted for handouts. These handouts do not encourage self-sufficiency; rather, they only encourage enslaved dependency, and that is by design.

The left in this country has hoodwinked today’s immigrants into thinking that they are the ones who really care about them. They don’t; they just want to increase a dependent voting block for another generation. They are not concerned about upward mobility. On the contrary, they want enslavement.

It’s ironic because my wife’s ancestors came over as slaves, but their descendants eventually enjoyed freedom, and some became very successful, especially her grandfather. John Jackson became an incredible musician and travelled the world. He was good with his money and took care of his family.
Today, immigrants come over freely but are then enslaved by liberalism when they get here. Africans knew they were slaves, but immigrants today don’t even know that they are selling themselves as slaves to liberalism.

It’s a great evil to tell a man he is free when it is only an illusion. Let us confront this great evil, and push back against this radical Marxist philosophy that is eating away at America like a great cancer.

I welcome any man who is not a criminal and comes to increase his lot. Therefore, let us reduce unnecessary immigration bureaucracy and replace it with a pathway to citizenship that develops loyalty to America’s founding principles and obliterates welfare programs for new immigrants that only uses them and enslaves them.

We must aspire to be a land of opportunity where even the poorest of people can thrive in freedom and not be enticed into government slavery that destroys the individual, the family, the Church, and society at large.

If you arrive and are hungry with no where to stay, then the Church will feed you and give you shelter. We will encourage you and assist you as you work your way out of poverty, but we will do what the government doesn’t do: hold you accountable with that grace, lest it be taken for granted and you end up enslaved. That, the left cannot tolerate, which is why liberals hate orthodox Christianity.

Christ sets men free, but Marx only subjugates them. Be free O man! Repent, and enjoy fellowship in Christ, for it is then that you will know true liberty: liberty to worship God.

Americans Won’t Do Those Jobs?

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It is claimed that most native born Americans will not do certain jobs like working in the fields. Of  course they won’t. They don’t have to. If you don’t work, the government is more than eager to give you food, shelter, a phone, and whatever else strikes your fancy. Everyone is happy because the lazy man doesn’t have to work, and the liberal has one new dependent person to count on in the next election.

What happened to America?

Many of us grew up working in the heat, cold, rain, and wind because there was no job beneath us. That doesn’t mean we wanted to do those tasks forever, but we could if need be. Why? We believed that it’s not the government’s responsibility to hold our hands through life. An able bodied man was expected to work and those who could not work were taken care of by family and the Church.

That has changed.

As more and more Americans realized that they could vote themselves more money, they began to work a little less or at least decided they would abstain from certain jobs.  If the government was going to just give them stuff, then why work in the fields or dig ditches. After all, those jobs don’t pay much, and they’re not that appealing.  I know because I use to do those jobs, though, to be honest, I still like manual labor. The difference today is that I do grunt work at my own pace when something needs to be fixed, repaired, hoed, weeded, etc.

Many of us worked our way out of those tough jobs into something better, but some today would rather get on the system and wait for something nice to open up instead of grinding it out.  That does sound appealing, but that attitude destroys the economy, and it doesn’t build character or appreciation for a strong work ethic.

For this reason, many of the tough jobs are filled by recent immigrants (both legal and illegal) because many American citizens will not go work in the fields, and, if they will, they don’t work as hard and are probably not reliable enough to actually show up on time.  However, there is a fix to all of this, and the Apostle Paul nails it.

“… If anyone is not willing to work, let him not eat.” 1 Thessalonians 3:10

When you get hungry enough, baggin’ onions and pluckin’ chickens gets awfully enticing.  If we cut down on the gimme programs (ie. food stamps used to buy rib-eye steaks), then people would do the less appealing jobs. Not only would that abate America’s thirst for illegal immigration, but it would also build some character in those who just want to mooch.

I sympathize with those who will do whatever it takes to provide for their families but are just having difficulty getting any kind of work, but I do not sympathize with those who are ‘not willing to work.’ Subsidizing that kind of lifestyle only reinforces government dependency, a dependency that runs up debt and drains whatever money is still left in our coffers.

Arkansas Fights For The Unborn

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Arkansas is leading the way in our fight against abortion with the passage of the Heartbeat Protection Act for the unborn.

The state legislature of Arkansas recently passed significant pro-life legislation, but the big test came when the governor vetoed the bill. However, an override occurred that enacted the bill into law.

This is another example of why fighting and reclaiming Constitutional state authority is so important. The original federal government had much less power than it does today.  However, as it has expanded, we have grown accustomed to going to the Feds to get anything done, including policies affecting the sanctity of life, but this is counterproductive. Not only does it diminish state sovereignty, but it also makes it that much more difficult to change the direction of our nation on some very weighty matters.

Therefore, let us advocate and push for the passage of significant legislation at the state level. This will not only reclaim a multitude of key rights that the states originally had over the federal government, but it will also strengthens our efforts against the culture of death.

For more information on what has occurred in Arkansas with the passage of the heartbeat law, check out this recent video with the Duggars from World Net Daily.


No Mr. O’Reilly, the Bible is Not Contradictory

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Popular Fox News commentator Bill O’Reilly has been pushing the position that the New Testament contains contradictions in the gospel accounts, and he has historically dismissed critical portions of the Old Testament as pure allegory. Is this really the case?

No. The gospels are not contradictory, and the Old Testament narratives are not simply allegories trying to communicate a moral philosophy.

First of all, the alleged contradictions are resolved through the different complementary perspectives of each gospel writer. Moreover, some are not trying to give a specific chronology but are rather bringing out a specific point. This was a common way to communicate a truthful and accurate representation of an event, yet precision was not always the concern (ie the general 100 vs the precise 102.5). Apparently, the learned O’Reilly needs to read a good book on at least basic hermeneutics and then one for more ancient writings as well.

Secondly, with regard to miracles, it is amazing to see how audacious someone can be with the Word of God and Biblical history. In spite of all the evidence, man still dismisses the Bible. This actually demonstrates the depravity of man and his willingness to reject what is plain for what is always a convoluted work-around used to deny all or specific elements of supernatural revelation.  Unquestionably man’s presuppositions always drive him to conclude certain things about the Bible, which is why we must expose these presuppositions as baseless and untenable.

The fundamental reason why many deny the miracles of the Bible is because their worldview forces them there, no matter how many evidences may be provided to the contrary. You see, if my worldview denies the supernatural, then I cannot accept miracles, even if one happened right in front of me! This is a critical observation  because it seriously impacts evangelism. How?

A truckload of evidence will never convince anyone to repent, but they certainly have their place.  We can use such things to show the consistency of the Bible to reality, yet exposing the absurdity that a false worldview leads to raises the stakes and gets at the heart of the problem: the sinful heart. At this point, someone is laid bare and cannot hide because their very worldview is shattered at its base. How?

Well, in their effort to deny any and all evidence used to demonstrate the reliability and truthfulness of the Bible, they must steal from God’s Word to argue their case. In other words, they must take from the only worldview that undergirds rationality and the use of logic to then logically and rationally argue against it. No more fig leaves at this point.

Either repent or continue to suppress the truth in unrighteousness while knowing that your false worldview cannot account for anything. This is exactly what Elijah did with the prophets of Baal. He exposed the foolishness of their worldview. In this, the Spirit provoked many Israelites to repentance as He opened their eyes, but He withheld regenerating grace to others as was the case with the false prophets themselves. Ultimately, that is up to Him. We, like Elijah are called to shut the mouths of those espousing a false worldview leaving them without excuse, but God Himself determines who will actually repent. This is the means that God has chosen from the beginning, yet He alone determines the result of those means, something we must humbly submit to.

Therefore, when you hear the run of the mill arguments against God’s Word, just ask the person to account for things like logic which are not physical in a world that they believe is only made up of things that can only be perceived by our senses of sight, touch, etc. If the man says, “Oh I believe in God,” ask which one and how can you verify what He demands?

Apart from the Bible, you really can’t justify anything as reality. For this reason, God must communicate to us in an intelligible way for us to rightly know Who He is and who we are in relation to Him. Otherwise, we are left to our fallen mature that does not rightly grasp God and will continue to suppress the truth. Even that explanation is found in His Word. It is not that we don’t know that God exists; it is that we suppress this truth in unrighteousness.

In actuality Adam needed God’s Word before the Fall, which is why God spoke to Adam. Now that sin is in the world, the necessity of His Word is surely magnified, for the best that general revelation can do is condemn us, but, in His Word we find hope. Hope not only for salvation but also an inspired inerrant framework by which to justify and understand the world as it really is. Without it, we are left condemned and unable to know with certainty (that being the key word) that we can even know anything, much less Who God is and what He requires of us.

So, Mr. O’Reilly, the great tapestry that is God’s Word is not a bunch of myths used to teach some moral lessons. On the contrary, His Word is the very foundation of knowledge, and the historical events recorded therein have doctrinal application today because they are not myths. Myths cannot ground anything; they are at best fallen man’s vain attempt to explain reality without the ability to back those claims up with absolutely certainty. To develop and rely on myth, which hasn’t a shred of certainty, leads each man to do what he perceives as right in his own eyes, which is where we stand today: another age of pessimism, doubt, confusion, and tyranny–just like the Greco Roman world.

Repent therefore, and be baptized in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Today is the day of salvation, so do not delay, lest you be taken and face a mighty judgment for your rebellion against a Holy God Who will have His vengeance against idolatry.

Chavez: Death of a Tyrant

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When Hugo Chavez died last week, the liberals mourned because they love authoritarian regimes that run roughshod over the liberties of the peoples they subdue. Government is glorified and individual freedom is crushed. In such governments, the people have little they can say without fear of the sword and are forced to cry out to the government for help.

Venezuela President Hugo Chavez [file].

Even so, the wicked come to an end, and their day of judgment is calling. Nevertheless, we must not boast in the death of our enemies, but we do rejoice in the sovereignty of God and rest in His Divine will.

The Psalmist said it best: “In just a little while, the wicked will be no more; though you look carefully at his place, he will not be there.
But the meek shall inherit the land and delight themselves in abundant peace.” Psalm 37:10-11

May we be meek and remember that our country was founded upon the idea that men need Christ and must cling to Him as the Great Provider. A limited government is all they need, just something used to restrain evil men: foreign and domestic.  Horrifically, we have left Christ and clung to Uncle Sam for refuge.

May we return to Christ and stand firm in the faith and know that He sits upon His throne.

Cross the Delaware, Baby! Go Rand Go!

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Finally! Someone in the Senate challenged Caesar. I just wanted to stand on my desk and cheer! When Senator Rand Paul from Kentucky filibustered yesterday, along with a faithful few that helped him, he sent a message to Barack Hussein Obama-mmm mmm mmm, yet this message was about something greater.

We will not simply step aside and watch you ‘shred the Constitution’, he declared. You cannot simply target Americans that you deem threats to the state without due process of law who do not pose an imminent threat. I might add that we are a society based on laws, and those laws come from the Constitution, and the Constitution is rooted in Biblical principles. Moreover, those targeted as ‘terrorists’ would eventually turn out to be anyone and everyone who opposes this modern regime, namely us.

Again, it was a spark that surpassed appointments or drone strikes; it was about whether or not we will reclaim the Constitution or throw it in the trash and watch everything our heroes of the past died for be thrown out the window.

Washington crossed the Delaware River because he believed in something greater than himself. He believed that tyranny is unjust and that men are not wards of the state without God-given freedoms. When all hope had seemingly vanished, Washington took it to the Hessian mercenaries and reignited the flame of liberty in America.  I pray Senator Paul did the same thing on Wednesday. The Republicrats and Rinos, who feasted from the scraps at Obama’s table, opposed Senator Paul, and may their power flee from them like a rabbit from a fox.

Barack Obama eventually got his appointment by the Senate, but we have dug in, and we aren’t going away. Ridicule and mockery await us, but we will not look back 30 or 40 years from now and say to our grandchildren, if the Lord wills, that we did nothing.  We spoke nothing, and we wrote nothing. We just stood on the sidelines and watch it all collapse.

The time is ripe to be strong and courageous. Yes, there are giants in the land that desire to keep us as wards of the state and subjugate our children to their will, but we stand for righteousness. Let us therefore repent of our sin, cry out to the LORD God of hosts, and plead for mercy to heal our land. Oh LORD, hear our cries of repentance and hear our pleas for mercy! We beg Thee, O LORD, to strengthen us for this fight, for it will only intensify.

Suit up with the armor of the Living God, and be not fearful! Amen!

Soli Deo Gloria!

Greece in America: The Distraction of Entertainment and Rise of the Powerful Few

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America is obsessed with entertainment and especially sports. At the same time, her citizens care little about what really matters. Is this something new in our age?

No. There is nothing new under the sun.

A look at ancient Greco-Roman history can shed some light on this. One of the great political philosophies espoused in ancient Greece was a system that advocated a society ruled by what were called philosopher kings. They were considered to be the most qualified because of their supposed wisdom. They would rule society as an elite class and use entertainment, especially athletics, to give the masses something to expend their energy and adoration into. In this way, the mob is pacified. At the same time, the people are wards of the state to be used at the discretion of the philosopher kings and advancement of their agenda. In a nutshell then, there are the philosopher kings, athletes, and the common man who did the will of the state. This was elaborated upon at length by Doug Phillips in his lecture on Jerusalem and Athens in the 10 part History of The World DVD set, which I highly recommend.

This system did not play out exactly as conceived, but Greece was very much like that at one time, and similar systems have arisen over the millenia. The terms have changed, but the concepts and positions have remained the same. If this sounds strangely familiar, then don’t be surprised because history is repeating itself in America today. We left the Lord and gave control of society to a small elite to rule over us so that we could indulge in entertainment and sport.  What is worse is that we gave our children over as wards of the state also.  But what about those who didn’t buy into such vanities then and haven’t now? These are the troublemakers.

If you abstain from non-stop entertainment and believe that you and your children are not expendable assets of the state, then you are ostracized and even demonized as extreme and irrational. The great irony is that those who give themselves over as slaves to the state do so at their own peril. They are given enough bread for their labor to be of use to the state and just enough is left over to soothe their frustrations in the arena. Why then is the state so restrictive?

The state does not want people to break free of state run labor (whether large private companies or government agencies), especially the youth.  Otherwise, citizens will quickly realize that they don’t need the state, and the philosopher kings will not be able to capitalize on their life long labor. The elite allow for a basic retirement of sorts in old age as a bit of incentive to keep working while submitting under a glass ceiling of potential, but that is limited to the bare necessities and some spare change to watch tv until you breath your last. After all, we don’t need any funny business late in life when some have realized that they’ve been had. Just push Grandad in front of the tv and tell him he’s entitled to this, and he’ll quietly go away. And when he is too old to be of use, we will give him a few meds to ease his passing and then move on to the next generation.

All of that sounds rather depressing, so how should we then live?

We have a better hope. That Hope is a Living Hope, and to Him we give our allegiance. He is our Prophet, Priest, and King. We nor our children are wards of the state; rather, we belong to the Giver of Eternal Life. In Him we are satisfied and filled with peace, joy, and love.

Therefore, let us not be distracted by the trifles of this life and lose our focus on the Great Commission and the advocacy of Biblical principles in society. We may live under temporal tyranny in any given era, but He is Sovereign, and we must remind ourselves that we enjoy an eternal liberty that comes from Christ no matter our circumstances. In Him, we are able to withstand the evils of this world and continue to expand the Kingdom of God that grows with every passing generation. Ultimately, Christ will return and end all temporal tyranny. At that point, our faithful lives will be vindicated as we bask in the glory of Christ and enjoy the treasures that we have been storing up in Heaven with Him and the rest of the saints of God.

Lord come quickly! Amen!

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