Pornography has grown into an avalanche, but it is usually viewed in secret because of its vile nature. In the past, it might be seen in the confines of a dimly lit basement, yet it has become concealed in a different way today.  How so?

Through The Phones In Our Pockets

Sexual immorality is nothing new, and the Scripture is filled with examples and admonitions condemning this great ungodliness. So where does this selfish passion come from in the first place? Sin. At the heart of immorality is sinful lust, which often starts with images, whether conjured up in the mind or otherwise. It has taken many forms and been conveyed through different means in ages past, but access to it has increased exponentially in our digital era.

Statistically, pornography plagues the Church (even a high percentage of the clergy), and the silence is deafening. It’s deafening because so many confessing Christians take part in it and are slow to give it up: both men and women. What shall we do?

It’s time to attack this plague head on by first confessing that it is evil and then implement some practical boundaries to help us deal with this great offense to the LORD God. We have two historical examples to look at: David & Joseph. When confronted with immense temptation, both reacted very differently. David rebelled against the Living God and indulged in his immorality, but Joseph did what we need to do: flee.

If you have very little self control, then just revert back to the old flip phone that is only good for answering calls. Your life may be inconvenienced, but holiness is more important. If you are able to exercise some self-control but need some practical boundaries, I have found these quite helpful. Maybe you know of some others.

1. Download one of the numerous software programs that tracks where you visit. The program then sends this information to a friend that will hold you accountable, though without the specifics to keep this person from temptation.
2. Stay away from or at least limit exposure to news/sports sites that display provocative imagery. Instead, read news from sites that do not post articles with questionable content.
3. Only bookmark and/or place on your home-screen sites that will not lure you into illicit material.

We do live in the world, but we must not be of the world. For this reason, we must always be vigilant, lest we enslave ourselves to the vanity of a sinful life. May he give us the grace to resist the Devil and flee from immorality, whether that be in the store or on our phones.

Posted by Jeramy Anderson