As more and more of Obamacare is enacted, the public will experience less health care and a lower quality of what remains. Both quantity and quality will actually drop simultaneously as a vicious cycle gets even worse. Regulations will tighten leading to lower profits for medical professionals, which will result in less of them, especially the best ones. What then results? Because there will be less physicians to go around, health rationing must occur.  At that point, those deemed the least fit and the least useful will be cast aside for those that are still ‘productive’.

What does that mean for grandma?


Simply put, grandma may receive some medication to ease her passing, at best, but any expensive surgery (as if there is a such thing as cheap surgery) will be given to the young and most fit. However, even their care will be of low quality because the best doctors will have closed their doors, which will also deter better technology because the medical engineers will also drop out.

The great irony in all of this is that those who are pushing for ‘free’ government utopian healthcare will suffer the most. Why? They are the most dependent on Caesar for survival and are thus the least self-sufficient. When Caesar starts to ration, they will be virtually incapable of adapting to these harsh circumstances, especially those with very little family to help them.

How should we then live as Christians?

First of all, God is Sovereign and will use this to wake up the sheep. They will rely on His grace and not that of Uncle Sam–as if the government had any true grace to dispense to begin with. Though times will be tough, our reliance upon Christ will strengthen our resolve to turn men to the Great Physician Who alone can save souls from Hell, which is where the real healing begins. We need not fear, for He is a Mighty Fortress, and He will take care of us as He decrees.

Secondly, we must use our time wisely and become knowledgeable of basic healthcare. That includes prevention, immediate emergency response, and long-term care solutions. Prevention is the best medicine, so good home sanitation, a healthy diet, and active living usually reduces frequency and intensity of common colds, poor circulation, chronic pain in the joints, etc. Nevertheless, emergencies still happen.  For this reason, I am thankful for all of the training I received in the military when dealing with shock, hypothermia, broken bones, deep cuts that need suture, etc. It is easy to forget such things, so it’s important to stay fresh. Finally, a plan for long-term home care must be considered because this can spring upon us in the blink of an eye. Should a severe injury like paralysis occur, someone in the family needs to be ready to step up. The same goes for cancer and debilitating diseases.

Thirdly, as the Church, we must take advantage of these times and any coming hardships to display the glory of God when we assist those in real medical need. That may even include nurturing former antagonists who are now desperately crying out for care. Remember, until Christ saved us, we hated Him as well, but the Holy Spirit came and convicted our hearts pouring the grace of God upon us. For this reason, we shall not boast in ourselves but give glory to God and also remember that His grace is sufficient.

As believers in Christ, we must resist evil by exercising all means of grace given to us, and an absolute cradle to grave government is a great evil. Worship of the state has taken many forms in the past, so we should not be surprised when we witness the rise of such tyranny today via the furthering of complete socialized medicine. Even so, God sits on His throne, and He is actively bringing all things to pass for His glory and our eternal good.

Therefore, may we rest in Him during these troubled times that are enveloping our families, the Church, and society at large. Let us resolve to worship Christ instead of the state and its plan of salvation. May we endeavor to humbly submit to Him Who is King of kings and Lord of lords and further the Great Commission that He has set before us.

You are saved by grace, O Christian, so do not let the advent of more government control of healthcare and everything else for that matter steal your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22), for you shall persevere because He reigns in the Heavens! Amen!

Posted By Jeramy Anderson