Crisis Politics Is Manufactured Anxiety: A Biblical Response

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As we reach another alleged crises that isn’t Armageddon, it’s time to think through a Biblical response. What I’m speaking of at the moment is not in reference to specific policy decisions, which do need to be addressed in the long term; rather, something much more important is at stake ….

Our Response To Manufactured Anxiety

The point of a manufactured crises is to create manufactured anxiety. By keeping people in a perpetual state of frenzy, political leadership gains a mental and psychological hand over constituents. How?

If I can keep you anxious about matters that aren’t that important, then I can distract you from what you should really be concerned about. In our case, as Christians, our highest concern must always be loving God and living our neighbor. In this, we are engaging in true worship to His glory as we rest in His sovereignty and speak the truth in love to our neighbor.

When the leaders of our culture succeed in distracting us, they are empowered to rip society apart and remold it into their own image. The issues that we hold dear are marginalized, and agendas that we should despise our heavily pressed behind the scenes. All of this is done under the cloak of ‘equality and fairness’.  After all, Christians do believe in elements of both.

We believe in equality in that all men are made in the image if God and that Christ died for His sheep from all tribes, nations, and tongues. Likewise, we are commanded to treat all men the same in that we are not to show favoritism based on any economic status, which is what the epistle of James strongly condemns. We are to take care of the widow and orphan, and employers must not take advantage of those who labor for them, something else James addresses. These specific verses are often directly quoted or alluded to by politicians. After all, if you are going to manipulate a confessing Christian people, then it is very useful to take advantage of principles they already advocate.

However, such workers of iniquity are working to hijack these verses by demonically twisting them to introduce a specific foreign god, and his name is ‘state‘.  All are to bow down and worship Caesar as the giver of life and taker of life. The state is lord over your life, and only it is capable of taking care of all your needs. The One True God is to be ridiculed and hated, but the state, which is really a curtain for the small elite, is to be lifted up as King of kings and Lord of lords.

What blasphemy!

On the contrary, let us not worship Caesar but God Almighty, He Who created all things and Who commands our absolute obedient worship. He never fails because He is love, and He is the answer to all of our ills. Uncle Sam only exists to protect the dignity of man via the punishment of evil doers. Once this has ceased, then government has become a wicked idol that rules with tyranny according to its precepts and statutes. It has set itself up as holy, yet we must not believe the many lies that flow from the ruling class, lies that come from the father of lies, the devil himself. Such deceptions are created to infuse us with anxiety in an attempt to steal our joy and, if possible, leads us into apostasy.

So let’s deal with all of this and stand firm against the evil one. Here are some suggestions when dealing with manufactured anxiety.

1. If possible, reduce your exposure to the means of anxiety. This usually occurs through the mass leftist media. If you watch and listen to it all the time, then it will affect you and lead you into a manufactured anxiety.

2. Don’t let these situations absorb all of your conversations. We need to discuss issues that face our culture at large, but we must do so while extolling God and His plan. Obsession about what is fake to begin with is fruitless.

3. Don’t turn society off and withdraw to apathy and cynicism; this is victory to the haters of God. On the contrary, let your light shine before men so that when they see your disposition and hear your praises to God, they will inquire about your lack of anxiety, which provides a wide open door to the gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Our God reigns, and we shall glory in Him as we take solace in His grace and mercy. We will not succumb to any inclination of anxiety, whether manufactured by the state or otherwise. To do so is sinful, and sin is rebellion against the LORD God.  Therefore, tremble before Him and not the state. It only has the power to kill the body, but He has the power to destroy both body and soul in Hell.

Posted by Jeramy Anderson

Just A Click Away: Immorality In The Digital Era

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Pornography has grown into an avalanche, but it is usually viewed in secret because of its vile nature. In the past, it might be seen in the confines of a dimly lit basement, yet it has become concealed in a different way today.  How so?

Through The Phones In Our Pockets

Sexual immorality is nothing new, and the Scripture is filled with examples and admonitions condemning this great ungodliness. So where does this selfish passion come from in the first place? Sin. At the heart of immorality is sinful lust, which often starts with images, whether conjured up in the mind or otherwise. It has taken many forms and been conveyed through different means in ages past, but access to it has increased exponentially in our digital era.

Statistically, pornography plagues the Church (even a high percentage of the clergy), and the silence is deafening. It’s deafening because so many confessing Christians take part in it and are slow to give it up: both men and women. What shall we do?

It’s time to attack this plague head on by first confessing that it is evil and then implement some practical boundaries to help us deal with this great offense to the LORD God. We have two historical examples to look at: David & Joseph. When confronted with immense temptation, both reacted very differently. David rebelled against the Living God and indulged in his immorality, but Joseph did what we need to do: flee.

If you have very little self control, then just revert back to the old flip phone that is only good for answering calls. Your life may be inconvenienced, but holiness is more important. If you are able to exercise some self-control but need some practical boundaries, I have found these quite helpful. Maybe you know of some others.

1. Download one of the numerous software programs that tracks where you visit. The program then sends this information to a friend that will hold you accountable, though without the specifics to keep this person from temptation.
2. Stay away from or at least limit exposure to news/sports sites that display provocative imagery. Instead, read news from sites that do not post articles with questionable content.
3. Only bookmark and/or place on your home-screen sites that will not lure you into illicit material.

We do live in the world, but we must not be of the world. For this reason, we must always be vigilant, lest we enslave ourselves to the vanity of a sinful life. May he give us the grace to resist the Devil and flee from immorality, whether that be in the store or on our phones.

Posted by Jeramy Anderson

Hospitality Is a Commanded Trend

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Over the last year, our family has made a conscious effort to get together with other families between two and three times every week.  Hosting people in our home has become a great joy for us, as we share a meal and fellowship together.  When we first married, we might host a family once or twice a month, and over the years it has increased to 3 times a week, most weeks.

We regularly fellowship with 8 to 10 families and we’ll have other families over as our schedules allow.  And a wonderful thing has happened!  Those 8 or 10 families that we get together with, now more deliberately practice hospitality in their homes!  What a wonderful, behind the scenes, influence the Lord Jesus has made through us!  We are blessed to see the community of Christ enriched, commitments developed and deepened, as Christian families informally gather together.  When the Body of Christ gathers informally, it makes the formal (church worship) gatherings that much more meaningful.

It is difficult to have a deep, personal conversation one-on-one immediately before or after the Sunday morning worship service.  There are several reasons for this: other brothers and sisters also wish to talk with you; there are other ears that may hear your comments because it’s a public setting; your watching your children expend their energy after sitting for so long; etc.  However, when you have another family in your home to share a meal together, you can expect at least 2 hours or more of time to mutually edify, encourage and pray with each other.  After two or three hours with one individual, you can really begin to know more about who they are.

It’s always such a joy to have people in our home and to be invited to the homes of others to share a meal.  The fellowship is so sweet!  I’m always encouraged to press on toward the goal of the upward call in Christ – to endure another day or week of the trials of homeschooling my children, submitting to my husband and allowing God’s sovereignty to determine our family size.

There are a lot of logistical reasons why some don’t practice hospitality.  There are many things we do daily that make hospitality easier and joyfully anticipated, but that would be another blog post.  I commend it to you.

Let love be without hypocrisy.  Abhor what is evil; cling to what is good.  Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor; not lagging behind in diligence, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord; rejoicing in hope, persevering in tribulation, devoted to prayer, contributing to the needs of the saints, practicing hospitality. 

Romans 12:9-13

Posted by Meggan L Anderson

Move Over Granny, Obama Death Panel Ahead

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As more and more of Obamacare is enacted, the public will experience less health care and a lower quality of what remains. Both quantity and quality will actually drop simultaneously as a vicious cycle gets even worse. Regulations will tighten leading to lower profits for medical professionals, which will result in less of them, especially the best ones. What then results? Because there will be less physicians to go around, health rationing must occur.  At that point, those deemed the least fit and the least useful will be cast aside for those that are still ‘productive’.

What does that mean for grandma?


Simply put, grandma may receive some medication to ease her passing, at best, but any expensive surgery (as if there is a such thing as cheap surgery) will be given to the young and most fit. However, even their care will be of low quality because the best doctors will have closed their doors, which will also deter better technology because the medical engineers will also drop out.

The great irony in all of this is that those who are pushing for ‘free’ government utopian healthcare will suffer the most. Why? They are the most dependent on Caesar for survival and are thus the least self-sufficient. When Caesar starts to ration, they will be virtually incapable of adapting to these harsh circumstances, especially those with very little family to help them.

How should we then live as Christians?

First of all, God is Sovereign and will use this to wake up the sheep. They will rely on His grace and not that of Uncle Sam–as if the government had any true grace to dispense to begin with. Though times will be tough, our reliance upon Christ will strengthen our resolve to turn men to the Great Physician Who alone can save souls from Hell, which is where the real healing begins. We need not fear, for He is a Mighty Fortress, and He will take care of us as He decrees.

Secondly, we must use our time wisely and become knowledgeable of basic healthcare. That includes prevention, immediate emergency response, and long-term care solutions. Prevention is the best medicine, so good home sanitation, a healthy diet, and active living usually reduces frequency and intensity of common colds, poor circulation, chronic pain in the joints, etc. Nevertheless, emergencies still happen.  For this reason, I am thankful for all of the training I received in the military when dealing with shock, hypothermia, broken bones, deep cuts that need suture, etc. It is easy to forget such things, so it’s important to stay fresh. Finally, a plan for long-term home care must be considered because this can spring upon us in the blink of an eye. Should a severe injury like paralysis occur, someone in the family needs to be ready to step up. The same goes for cancer and debilitating diseases.

Thirdly, as the Church, we must take advantage of these times and any coming hardships to display the glory of God when we assist those in real medical need. That may even include nurturing former antagonists who are now desperately crying out for care. Remember, until Christ saved us, we hated Him as well, but the Holy Spirit came and convicted our hearts pouring the grace of God upon us. For this reason, we shall not boast in ourselves but give glory to God and also remember that His grace is sufficient.

As believers in Christ, we must resist evil by exercising all means of grace given to us, and an absolute cradle to grave government is a great evil. Worship of the state has taken many forms in the past, so we should not be surprised when we witness the rise of such tyranny today via the furthering of complete socialized medicine. Even so, God sits on His throne, and He is actively bringing all things to pass for His glory and our eternal good.

Therefore, may we rest in Him during these troubled times that are enveloping our families, the Church, and society at large. Let us resolve to worship Christ instead of the state and its plan of salvation. May we endeavor to humbly submit to Him Who is King of kings and Lord of lords and further the Great Commission that He has set before us.

You are saved by grace, O Christian, so do not let the advent of more government control of healthcare and everything else for that matter steal your love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control (Galatians 5:22), for you shall persevere because He reigns in the Heavens! Amen!

Posted By Jeramy Anderson